EPH’s must give consideration as to whether it is reasonably practicable to give notice to the Executive Director of SafeWork SA[1] about the proposed entry before exercising that right.

EPH entry notifications must be made by telephoning SafeWork SA on 1800 777 209 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week).

The EPH must provide:

  • his or her full name
  • his or her permit number
  • the name and address of the workplace proposed to be entered
  • the date of the proposed entry
  • so far as is practicable, particulars of the suspected contravention to which the notice relates
  • whether there is considered to be a serious risk to the health or safety of a person emanating from an immediate or imminent risk and, if so, any details about the situation known to the EPH.

Attendance by a SafeWork SA Inspector

SafeWork SA has developed policies[2] which set out:

  • the circumstances when WHS Inspectors will attend at a workplace following the notification of a proposed EPH entry
  • the rights and responsibilities of EPH proposing to enter a workplace.

For further information on notifying us about a proposed entry please contact the SafeWork SA Help Centre on 1300 365 255.

EPH reports

Where an EPH exercises a power of entry without being accompanied by a SafeWork SA Inspector, the EPH must complete the EPH Report[3] to advise SafeWork SA on the outcome of their enquiry.

The report must include:

  • the EPH's full name
  • the permit number
  • the name and address of the workplace that was entered
  • the date of entry, and
  • details of any contravention of the WHS Act that, in the opinion of the EPH, has occurred.

On receipt of a report, SafeWork SA must give consideration to what action (if any) should be taken in regard to any matters outlined in the report.

SafeWork SA must publish EPH reports that meet the criteria of the Regulations.

List of Entry Permit Holder Reports

[1] section 117(3)(a) Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA)

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[3] section 117(6)(a) Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA)