Our victim assistance and information service provides access to information, education, support and referral services to help people who have been injured in workplace incidents, and family members when a relative has died or is seriously injured in a workplace incident.

During the investigation and prosecution process, we will ensure that people injured in workplace incidents, their family and vulnerable witnesses have access to information, support services and are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

This service upholds the requirements of the Victims of Crime Act 2001 where SafeWork SA must:

  • respect victim’s needs and rights, and
  • deal with victims of crime with sensitivity and respect their special needs.

Who we will support

We can provide our victim assistance and information service to a range of people including:

  • a person who has suffered a physical or psychological injury because of an offence in the workplace, including adolescents and children
  • a parent or guardian of a person under 18 who has suffered an injury because of an offence in the workplace
  • family members of a person who has been fatally injured at work
  • vulnerable prosecution witnesses
  • significant others.

In particular, our service is provided to people injured in workplace incidents, their families and vulnerable witnesses who:

  • are distressed, traumatised or at some increased vulnerability due to the nature of the incidents involving them
  • have personal circumstances which place them at an increased vulnerability
  • have some other special need or circumstance.

How we will support you

We can provide you with a specialised social work service focussed on access to information, education, support and referral services, when dealing with our investigation process and the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

We will:

  • treat you with respect, courtesy, and dignity taking into consideration your personal needs
  • provide you with information about the progress of an investigation
  • consult you about any decision relating to:
    • whether any charges will be laid
    • withdrawal of charges
    • the acceptance of a guilty plea
  • assist you when meeting other agencies such as SA Police, ReturnToWorkSA and unions
  • support you in making a victim impact statement (VIS), should you choose to
  • provide information for crisis support and counselling
  • assist you with court preparation
  • give you information about how to apply for compensation
  • comply with the South Australian Government's Information Privacy Principles when dealing with personal and sensitive information.

How you can help us

You can help us by:

  • telling the truth
  • if you have provided a statement in a matter for SafeWork SA giving evidence at SA Employment Tribunal (SAET), if requested
  • notifying us of any change in your contact details
  • letting us know if you have any health or wellbeing issues that may impact on your ability to give evidence in SAET and you need additional support and assistance
  • letting us know if you need an interpreter.

How to access our victim assistance and information services

All workplace incidents resulting in a fatality, or an injury to persons under the age of 18 years, will be referred to our victim assistance and information service.

Referrals may also be received as part of our inspectorate and investigation process, or from other external services such as SA Police or ReturnToWorkSA.

Injured persons and their family members are able to contact us and ask for a referral themselves.

Once we receive a referral, we will get in contact with the person referred, and determine what level of support and involvement we can provide based on our triaging procedure.

To find out more, contact us on 1300 365 255 and ask to speak to our victim assistance and information services.

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