Mine operators must ensure that a worker is provided with information, training and instruction that is suitable and adequate having regard to:

  • the work carried out by the worker
  • the nature of the risks associated with the work
  • the control measures implemented.

Workers must be provided with suitable and adequate information, training and instruction in relation to the:

  • implementation of risk control measures in relation to fatigue, the consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs
  • content and implementation of the safety management system (SMS) for the mine
  • emergency plan for the mine
  • safety role for workers.

The mine operator must also ensure that:

  • workers are given a summary of the SMS and are informed that they can see the full plan upon request
  • the principal mining hazard management plans are readily accessible to workers who are or may be exposed to the risks to which the plan relates
  • a ventilation control plan is readily accessible to all workers at the mine
  • the emergency plan for the mine is readily accessible to all workers at the mine
  • so far as is reasonably practicable, each worker at the mine is made aware of any revision to the SMS that is relevant to work being carried out by the worker.

Visitors to the mine should also be provided with information about any risks they may be exposed to while visiting the mine, instructed in health and safety precautions they should take at the mine and instructed in how to respond if there is an emergency while they are at the site.

Information, training and instruction should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

The mine operator must keep a record of any training provided to a worker.


Inducting new workers at a mine site is an important first step in ensuring that everyone at the mine understands how safety will work in practice. With this in mind the induction process needs to be comprehensive and the procedure should cover key areas such as:

  • identifying key mining personnel including management and their responsibilities
  • safety duties of the mine operator and workers
  • the physical layout of the mine including important facilities such as first aid rooms
  • prohibited actions
  • safety reporting.

All new workers should be informed of:

  • the details of the safety management system
  • the emergency plan
  • any principal mining hazard management plans that are relevant to the worker’s particular role and activities
  • how they can report risks or incidents
  • who their Health and Safety Representative is (if relevant to the worksite)
  • location of first aid facilities.