Major hazard facilities notification form

Major hazard facilities are sites that store, handle and process large quantities of hazardous materials, such as oil refineries, chemical plants or large fuel and chemical storage areas.

Organisations or individuals must inform us if they have, or are likely to have, any chemical in excess of 10% of the threshold quantities set out in Schedule 15 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA).

Your notification will:

  • ensure that any potential major hazard facilities is made known to us
  • allow us to determine if your site is a major hazard facility.

Tips for completing the notification form

When completing the form, you may need to refer to Schedule 15 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA). Further information can be found in the Guide for Major Hazard Facilities: Notification and determination developed by Safe Work Australia.

Complete the form electronically by downloading the PDF to your computer. You can fill it in using Adobe Reader but it will not save if you attempt to fill it in using your web browser.

Declaring Schedule 15 chemicals

If you are unsure if a chemical present at the facility is a Schedule 15 chemical, refer to the substance classifications stated on the Safety Data Sheet and cross-check them with list in Schedule 15.

You must declare the maximum quantities of Schedule 15 chemicals present or likely to be present at the facility.

  • for process vessels and storage tanks, use the maximum capacity of the vessel/tank, irrespective of the maximum fill level.
  • for a storage area, if only a small part of a large warehouse or open storage yard is used for the storage of Schedule 15 chemicals, you may choose to justify a maximum quantity that is less than the theoretical capacity of the warehouse/yard.

Tables 5.1 & 5.2

  • When filing out tables 5.1 and 5.2 of the notification form, the total overall quantity will be automatically calculated once you have entered the quantity in process and quantity in storage. Then, once you enter the threshold quantity, the fraction (q/Q) will be calculated automatically as well.
  • Enter “Named Chemicals” in table 5.1.
  • Enter “Grouped Chemicals” in table 5.2.
  • If a chemical listed in table 15.1 also falls into one of the general categories in table 15.2, use the threshold quantity in table 15.1.
  • If a chemical is not listed in table 15.1, and it has properties corresponding to two or more of the categories in table 15.2, the lowest relevant threshold applies.

Submitting the notification form

Once you have filled out the notification form, ensure you have addressed and attached all additional information as per Section 4 of the form.

To submit your notification via email, ensure you print off and sign the last page of the form, scan it and send it through along with all other documentation.

Further information

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