The builders of the pipeline must provide us with the following information:

  • name of the pipeline's intended owner and operator
  • pipeline specifications (length, diameter, maximum operating pressure, maximum operating flow)
  • intended procedures for the operation, maintenance, renewal and relaying of the pipeline
  • any public places that the pipeline will cross (a geographical map, detailing start and finish locations, underground/above ground sections)
  • intended emergency response procedures.

This information must be provided:

  • before the building of the pipeline commences
  • before the pipeline is commissioned
  • before the pipeline is likely to contain a hazardous chemical
  • if there are changes to the information already supplied
  • before a pipeline is repaired
  • before any removal, decommissioning, closure or abandonment of the pipeline occurs.

Pipeline operator

The pipeline operator must notify us of the:

  • supplier of the hazardous chemical
  • receiver of the hazardous chemical
  • correct classification of the hazardous chemical.

Notification must be made in writing to:

Chemical Hazards and Explosive Materials Team
SafeWork SA
GPO Box 465
Adelaide SA 5001