PCBUs must have safe systems of work that identify the risks and the means to eliminate or control those risks to ensure the safety of people working with or near mobile plant.

The risk of serious injury or fatal incidents increases when working in close proximity to mobile plant. Mobile plant includes:

PCBU and workers are reminded of the risks associated with working near mobile plant. Serious and fatal incidents can occur during:

  • pedestrian movement near vehicles or plant
  • reversing or manoeuvring
  • arrivals or departures
  • loading or unloading
  • hitching or unhitching trailers
  • lowering ramps
  • mounting or dismounting vehicles
  • securing of loads
  • movement of materials
  • maintenance work.

If construction work is carried out at a workplace where there is any movement of powered mobile plant, a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for High Risk Construction work must be developed to identify the site-specific hazards and the appropriate risk control measures.

At most worksites, a combination of control measures will be required.

Safety issues

Risks associated with working near mobile plant include:

  • plant operating near people or utilities
  • plant operating on an uneven or unstable surface
  • plant reach not taken into consideration
  • high speed or reversing plant
  • unauthorised or uncontrolled worksite access/egress
  • competency of plant operators
  • non-use of taglines
  • noisy or traffic congested work areas
  • unfamiliar worksites
  • inadequate positive communication
  • restricted vision or operator blind spots
  • poor space planning.

Risk control measures

Anyone in control of a work area must plan and review work activity to ensure that:

  • any traffic hazards are identified and traffic management plans implemented to control areas of interaction between people and mobile plant, using control measures such as exclusion zones, spotters and traffic controllers
  • mobile plant movement plans are communicated regularly to all site workers, visitors and contractors
  • alarms for moving plant are operational and appropriate for the site conditions
  • traffic speeds are clearly identified and controlled
  • loads are adequately secured
  • plant operators are competent and have the relevant licences
  • workers and others are adequately trained, instructed and supervised to prevent people from plant-related risks within the specific worksite.

See also Plant.

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