A multipurpose tool carrier (MPTC) is a powered mobile plant fitted with a fixed or slewing superstructure with a boom. It is designed for moving loads and configured for the temporary attachment of a range of load handling devices including:

  • tynes
  • buckets
  • work platforms
  • boom or jibs
  • hoists.

Within the industry sector MPTCs are often referred to as Manitou, tele-handler or telescopic handler.

All operators must be competent in handling MPTCs and have received training by a competent person.

Training and licence requirements

All operators of MPTCs are required to obtain the necessary level of competency to safely operate the plant according to its lifting capabilities and the configuration in which it is being used.

Duty of care training

An employer utilising an MPTC on their site must ensure that a competent person provides, as a minimum, duty of care training to all MPTC operators.

Duty of care training can be provided either in the workplace or via a Registered Training Organisation. This is the minimum level of training required and will complement any further training requirements for operators depending on the capacity and configuration of the MPTC.


Where a MPTC is configured to utilise various attachments, the employer must ensure the worker is competently trained to the corresponding class of high risk plant.

The table below outlines the various configurations of a MPTC along with the levels of training required to safely operate the plant. Where a class of high risk work licence is listed, training should be provided to an equivalent level of competency for that class. For the purpose of operator training, the MPTC will be taken at its full design rated capacity and not a de-rated capacity due to any governing devices fitted to the item of plant.

Multipurpose tool carriers configuration
3 tonne capacity and under
>3 tonne capacity
platform under 11m
platform 11m and over
Jib or Hook
3 tonne and under
Jib or Boom (non slewing)
>3 tonne capacity
Jib or Boom (slewing)
>3 tonne capacity

DOC – Duty of Care Training
WP – Elevating Work Platform
CN – Non-slewing mobile crane greater than 3 tonnes
C2 – Slewing mobile crane up to 20 tonnes
C6 – Slewing mobile crane up to 60 tonnes
C1 – Slewing mobile crane up to 100 tonnes
C0 – Slewing mobile crane over 100 tonnes

The below image illustrates the various levels of competency required for the operation of a MPTC in each of its various configurations.

Illustration of the various attachments to a multipurpose tool carriers

Source: Work Health and Safety Queensland