System requirements for 'Hunt for Hazards' and 'Virtual' games:

  • Flash
  • Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Hunt for Hazards

Hunt for Hazards will test your ability to spot common workplace safety hazards in supermarkets, warehouses and commercial kitchens.

The game is designed for:

  • high school students
  • young workers starting their first job
  • casually employed workers.

Virtual Hotel

Virtual Hotel will test how well you can avoid sustaining injuries in bottle shops, kitchens, dining rooms and front bars.

The game is designed to help implement work health and safety programs in the hospitality industry and is targeted specifically to:

  • hotel owners and managers
  • small business owners
  • high school students
  • young workers entering a hospitality-based work environment for the first time
  • casually employed workers.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a safety induction program designed for:

  • high school students
  • young workers entering an office-based work environment for the first time
  • experienced workers who may need reminding of hazards to be alert for in the workplace.

Working in an office environment may not be as safe as you think!

Virtual Supermarket

In Virtual Supermarket your task is to spot common safety hazards in the workplace caused by slips, trips and falls. This game is designed to help:

  • high school students
  • retail industry workers
  • young workers
  • casually employed workers.

Safety Check

Note: The Safety Check program is in the process of being updated. While the content remains relevant it should be noted that it contains some out-of-date terminology and references.

Please open the Safety Check in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Other browsers will produce an error with the certificate presented at the end of the quiz.

Safety Check is an online work health and safety (WHS) test designed for workers.

Use this test to learn more about topics such as:

  • WHS laws
  • manual handling
  • hazardous substances
  • noise
  • mechanical equipment
  • electricity.

If you pass the test, reward yourself by printing a certificate of completion.


This website is based on the original concept of the SmartMove program from WorkSafe WA. The project was developed by WorkCover SA and is now maintained by SafeWork SA.

Passport to safety

Passport to Safety is a web-based, self-paced health and safety learning program ideal for young people preparing to enter the workforce for work experience, work placement, part-time or full-time work.

The program has been delivered in South Australian schools since July 2005.

Teachers can register their classes for a small fee per student.

Once completed students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Visit the Passport to Safety website for further details.


Thank you to:

  • Adelaide Institute of TAFE for the development and design of Hunt for Hazards.
  • Fusion Design Consultants for the development and design of Virtual Hotel, Virtual Office and Virtual Supermarket
  • Hospitality Industry OHSW Committee for their original concept
  • students of Underdale High School for their input during the development of this game
  • WorkCover SA for the provision of content and ongoing quality assurance.

Hunt for Hazards, Virtual Hotel, Virtual Office and Virtual Supermarket were developed for WorkCover and are now maintained by SafeWork SA.