From 17 September 2021 most portable Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottles will need to be labelled with a warning about the danger of concentrated inhalation.

Labelling requirements

A gas bottle with a water capacity between 500mL and 25L which is sold containing LPG, or to which gas is transferred and that gas is sold — irrespective of whether the bottle is owned by the customer — must have a label affixed to the body of the bottle. This includes gas bottles typically used to fuel home barbecues and patio heaters.

The changes apply to any person who sells or supplies LPG in the course of retail trade or where gas is transferred at the point of sale or supply. These changes apply to all LPG bottles (within the size scope) including all exchange bottles and all decant filled customer-owned bottles.

2kg gas cylinder
2kg camper
4kg gas cylinder
4kg camper
4kg galvanised gas cylinder
4kg galvanised
4kg pol gas cylinder
4kg POL
9kg gas cylinder
9kg galvanised gas cylinder
9kg galvanised

Mandatory label design


The label must include the wording:

Intentional misuse by deliberate concentrated inhalation may cause injury or death.


Each side of a label must be at least 100 millimetres in length except in the case of a bottle which because of its size, shape or structure can bear only a smaller label. In this case each side of the label must a minimum of 20 millimetres in length.

SafeWork SA considers that the size, shape and structure of the bottle may have an effect on the size of the label it can bear.

For these smaller labels, the inhalation warning text should be maximised to fit the available space on the bottle with the label clearly visible and resistant to damage or removal.


The colours and lettering used on a label must be in accordance with:

  • AS 2700-2011 Colour standards for general purposes and AS 1319-1994 Safety signs for the occupational environment, or
  • AS 4484 Gas cylinders for Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Refrigerant gas labelling and colour coding.


Must be on the body of the bottle and not placed on the valve protection (neck) ring or on the base of the bottle.

Design examples incorporating the mandatory labelling

Compliant gas cylinder label - Elgas

Compliant gas cylinder label - Quick Swap

Compliant gas cylinder label - Quick Swap

Compliant gas cylinder label - Manchester

Acquiring labels

SafeWork SA does not supply labels. Any person who sells LPG should contact their supplier to access the required labels.


LPG bottles excluded from the new regulations are those that:

  • have a water capacity of less than 500ml and are designed as a cartridge to be used in or as part of a camp stove
  • have a water capacity of more than 25L
  • do not contain gas.


SafeWork SA is responsible for ensuring the mandated prescribed words appear on LPG bottles at points of sale or supply. We will incorporate the compliance of the new provision into existing and future compliance campaigns involving dangerous substances.

The sale or supply of LPG bottles (in the course of retail trade) without appropriate labelling can incur fines of $50,000 for body corporates and $10,000 or 12 months imprisonment for any other case.


Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) Amendment Act 2021

Dangerous Substances Act 1979

Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) Amendment Bill 2021