With the nbn network rollout now complete and the ongoing disconnection of services from the legacy copper network, fire and lift services registered on nbn’s Fire and Lift Register (FAL) and remaining connected to the legacy copper network may be disconnected from 22 November 2022 or thereafter.

All such premises have previously been contacted on numerous occasions to alert them to the disconnection of Telstra’s legacy copper network, and the need to migrate their fire alarm and / or lift emergency phone services to a mobile network, the nbn® network or an alternative network.

It is crucial that any lift phones or monitored fire alarms that are still connected to the legacy copper network are migrated before 22 November 2022 or such later date as might be advised. This date is likely to be final with the hard service disconnection to occur shortly thereafter, however we will advise if the date is extended. Once this occurs, any such phones or alarms that have not been migrated may no longer work.

nbn plans to write to bodies corporate and building managers at locations previously registered with nbn where records indicate registered fire or lift phone services may still be active on the legacy copper network; to notify them of the upcoming Disconnection Date and to encourage them to transition of their services to alternative technologies as soon as possible. These bodies corporate and building managers have already been contacted on numerous occasions, but no action has been taken by them to confirm transition of these critical services away from the legacy copper network.

Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring obligations are met for the operation of monitored fire alarms and lift phones under the relevant building codes and standards. Further information is available in the Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide.

For information on migrating and registering services visit nbn.com.au or call 1800 687 626.