We're committed to safe workplaces for all South Australians by providing free information, support and advice to improve workplace safety for everyone.

You can request a visit from our advisory service who can provide practical advice based on your workplace's industry, size, risk and complexity.

Our advisors will visit your workplace to help you understand your work health and safety responsibilities as well as provide practical support to improve your systems, practices and general approach to safety.

Whether you are a worker, an employer or a Health and Safety Representative, our advisors are available to help you.

Read what other businesses had to say about our service:

As a livestock breeding service and farm we’ve got strict protocols for quarantine and we’re also handling livestock, so that adds a level of risk for us and our workers. Those factors were really the basis around building our work health and safety procedures.

"The advisors made everything simple to understand and easy to implement. I only met them by chance, but I found them to be very genuine and they’ve provided our livestock breeding business and farm with immense value through practical suggestions."

There are three of us working full time on the livestock breeding service and farm, plus another three contractors for busy periods. We have a duty of care for all the people that work with us. Regardless, my wife and I have a very close relationship with all our workers and we care about their wellbeing.

After meeting the SafeWork SA advisors at the farmers’ workshop I thought it would be a good idea to ask if they could come and see us, just to assess how we were going and make sure we were complying with legislation. They came out to the farm the next morning. It was so fast, which was fantastic.

I had no hesitation in showing the advisors though our procedures and paperwork and I also took them for a walk through our buildings, including office and woolshed. They made suggestions there and then on how we could make improvements and they answered all my questions. It was quite pleasing to hear that most of what we had in place already was correct.

It was very helpful to have the advisors looking at our workplace with a fresh set of eyes. We’re working on the farm and livestock breeding business every day, so we get used to it, but it was really valuable to have a different set of eyes look for potential WHS hazards and notice things that maybe we hadn’t thought of. Once the advisors pointed out a couple of small things, I started to notice other things on my own and then rectified them.

For people thinking about contacting the Workplace Advisory Service, I say just do it. You’re obliged to have safety systems, so you might as well do it right. The advisors are a great place to start whether you’re just starting out with your WHS, or if you’ve already got some systems in place but want someone to look over them”.

Like Bill, you can request to book a free advisor’s visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or completing the online form.

Bill and Margie Trowbridge are the owners of Brecon Breeders that offer customers a livestock breeding service (sheep) located in Keith, South Australia. They also run a farm. Their business operations require the application of strict protocols across their WHS systems and procedures.

An aged care facility involves so many different roles, all working together to provide the best service possible. We’re accommodation, health care, hospitality and much more, all in the one workplace. At Riverview, we already had WHS practices in place well before contacting SafeWork SA, but our new management committee had asked us to clarify the terms of reference around which we base our WHS systems.

I discovered SafeWork SA provided free advice to workplaces and we got in touch. We were pleasantly surprised with how prompt and helpful the advisors were and we really appreciate that they travel to regional areas to help country businesses too.

The advisors spent a lot of time with many different people around our workplace such as Human Resources and the Director of Nursing, to get a picture of the requirements across all areas. It’s clear the advisors understand that each business is unique and has different needs.

It was reassuring to find that what we’d been doing in the past is what we should be doing into the future. And with some tangible solutions and suggestions from the advisors we were able to make further improvements on what we already had in place. The management committee were impressed with the level of assistance provided.

We were able to demonstrate to the new management committee that our work health and safety systems were best practice. As a complex workplace with many different facets, the advisor helped us to clearly define the broad scope within which we consider work health and safety in our workplace.

When you say ‘SafeWork’ people tend to get frightened. But there’s no need to be frightened of the advisors in the Workplace Advisory Service. They’re here to help South Australian businesses.

This service is a real hidden gem. We’ll definitely be referring other Aged Care Facilities within our networks to the friendly, knowledgeable advisors”.

Like Crystal you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling our Workplace Advisory Service on 1300 365 255 or completing the online form.

Crystal Petch is the Administration Officer at Riverview Lutheran Rest Home Incorporated, a not-for-profit 60 bed residential Aged Care facility located in Loxton. The facility has 40 aged care beds, a purpose built 20 bed specialised memory support unit, 12 independent living units and 13 serviced apartments. As a workplace involving different roles of more than 100 staff, their WHS practices take into account the diversity of their operations.

I have been employed with AVK Australia as the HR and WHS Coordinator since May 2016. I attended a five-day HSR (Health and Safety Representative) course at Job Safe SA where a SafeWork SA WHS Advisor gave a presentation on the role of the agency and explained the new Educator service to the group. Once I saw the presentation I approached them and asked for a business card. This particular WHS advisor has now become a mentor to me.

The WHS advisor's extensive knowledge of work health and safety and her 'keep it simple' approach has made it easier for me to understand and then apply the legislation in my workplace.

Since I started working with SafeWork SA's new Workplace Advisory Service, I have become more confident in relation to my reporting responsibilities to management and with the WHS advisor's assistance and advice, have a better understanding of my role as a Coordinator within our organisation. The WHS advisor has also helped me develop a more robust reporting system and how to interpret the often complex WHS legislation into a language and format that suits our workforce.

A recent report I developed was well received and 90% of my recommendations were adopted. The WHS advisor's extensive knowledge of work health and safety and her 'keep it simple' approach has made it easier for me to apply the legislation in my workplace.

The WHS advisor was prompt in providing assistance, provided exceptional customer service, guidance and support with interpretation of the WHS legislation. I have been able to confidently present facts and legislative requirements, while promoting the cost-effectiveness of the changes. In turn, it has allowed me to gain commitment from employees at all levels of the organisation and has resulted in an increased commitment to WHS by senior management.

Due to recent acquisitions, AVK Australia Group now comprises four different companies, two of which are in South Australia, one in Victoria and one in Queensland. The need to harmonise our WHS policy and procedures across all the companies and have a consistent WHS approach is a priority task.

Due to our positive experience we will continue to use SafeWork SA's new advisory service in the future. We believe this is a great government initiative for all businesses regardless of size, complexity or industry."

Like Jenny you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling our Workplace Advisory Service on 1300 365 255 or completing the online form.

As part of the global AVK Group, AVK Valves pride themselves as being one of the world's leading international valve manufacturers. Established in 1998, AVK Australia is a quality endorsed company, specialising in the manufacture of a high quality range of valves, hydrants and accessories, and employing around of 80 staff. Their products are manufactured at our high-tech plant in Wingfield, South Australia, each complying with Australian Standards and are sold to various regions across Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands.

Jeremy met one of the SafeWork SA WHS advisors when their hotel management company, 1834 Hotels arranged a visit to assist them roll out a new work health and safety management plan.

When 1834 Hotels implemented a new WHS management plan for all of the hotels in the network, we knew that getting the message out and ensuring staff awareness of the changes would be one of our biggest hurdles. With that in mind, 1834 Hotels asked the SafeWork SA advisors to visit us at the Berri Hotel, as well as visit many of the other hotels across South Australia, to help with WHS workshops for our teams.

The advisor really encouraged our workers and managers to get thinking about work health and safety and encouraged them to speak up when they thought improvements could be made. To have the advisor come visit on site in Berri showed they really are here to help South Australians.

We’re a proud community hotel, we sponsor local sporting clubs and we employ local people. We care about everyone who works here, we’ve got around 100 staff at our hotel and their safety is important to us. Everyone should feel safe coming to work.

In a hotel, the kitchen and laundry tend to be higher risk areas. When the advisor came to visit we were more than happy to show them around so that they could understand our workplace. They provided some simple recommendations for improvements that were completely tailored for us.

Our workers are the ones on the ground every day, seeing what’s happening around the hotel, and they often have the best ideas too. Why wouldn’t we make the most of that?

Having the advisor come out and speak to the team has showed our workers that it’s a good thing to talk about safety and they now feel confident knowing they don’t need to worry about speaking up. We’re really encouraging people to identify potential WHS risks and we’ve made it much easier for people to communicate these risks to us. The new program and the advisor visit has helped us prevent any issues in our workplace and that’s something you can’t put a cost on.

People hear the name SafeWork SA and they can get nervous, but the advisors are here to help your business. Don’t be scared to invite them in”.

Like Jeremy, you can request to book a free advisor’s visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or complete the online form.

Jeremy Sweet is Hotel Manager of Berri Hotel, located in the township of Berri in the Riverland, and only a two and a half hour drive from Adelaide. Situated along the north banks of the River Murray they offer a range of accommodation options, facilities and services for conferences, special functions or family getaways. Holding education sessions with staff was key to implementing their new WHS management plan.

Jodi consulted SafeWork SA’s WHS Advisors for work health and safety advice and she took it one step further, showing the advisors her dedication to the wellbeing of workers on the farming properties that she works at.

During harvest and seeding it’s an especially busy, stressful time for us. There’s a lot to factor in from a WHS point of view. There are tight schedules that we have to meet, but never at the expense of our workers’ safety. During these times the weather is often really hot too.

The advisors were delighted to see the importance we’re placing on health and how we’re linking it in with safety. Fatigue and dehydration are just a couple of risks that we can overcome through good health in our WHS practices.

We’ve placed a big focus on health and wellbeing for our workers, which is really important to us–we don’t want people operating machinery if they don’t feel one hundred percent. The WHS Advisors were very supportive of what we’re doing as far as nutrition, hydration and rest and they made it clear that they’re here to help us continue down this path.

Our workers all know that if they’re feeling tired, they don’t need to push through. Instead they can get out of the vehicle, if they’re in one, and have a quick walk around. If they still feel tired they can set their alarm for a 20 minute nap to help them recharge.

In general, farmers work long hours and they might resort to snacks that aren’t necessarily great for them, especially considering the requirements that they put on their bodies at work. We organised for a nutritionist to come out and speak to our team. She talked to us about the way our bodies respond to sugary foods and the kind of food options we should consider instead, plus the importance of having breakfast, keeping hydrated and exercising to keep yourself physically strong.

Since that visit, we’ve implemented really simple things like putting electrolyte tablets in the lunch room for people to pop into their glass of water, fruit on the table, nuts for snacks, and having more water bottles available. We’ve also installed a refrigerated water filter system. The workers have become so much more aware about preventing dehydration and heat stroke. Previously not everyone understood how serious heat illnesses could be.

We absolutely want our workers to be healthy– we’re a close team and we care about each other, and of course from an employer perspective if we have healthy employees then there are less sick days in the business. Our focus on health has been a good investment for the business, especially if it results in outcomes that lower costs in the long term.

We’re really proud of how far our work health and safety has come and we’ll ask the SafeWork SA Work Health and Safety Advisors back to visit us every few years to make sure we’re staying on track.

You’ve got to start somewhere with your WHS and it’s not as hard as you think. I’d definitely recommend the SafeWork SA Workplace Advisory Service – it was free and the advisors were friendly, helpful and professional in their approach”.

Like Jodi, you can request to book a free advisor’s visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or complete the online form.

Jodi Swalue is the Administration Officer at Thornby Premium Lamb, a South Australian farming business located in Sanderston that provides fresh, premium quality lamb for the public to enjoy. As a mixed farming business that operates all year round, looking after their workers’ health and wellbeing is an important part of their WHS practices.

"I heard about SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service at an evening workshop hosted through my professional network. Excited by the prospect of free advice, I wanted to develop my business and so I contacted SafeWork SA and a WHS advisor was assigned to work with me.

I previously sought professional advice but found it was not tailored to my businesses and difficult to use in a relevant way. Many of the forms were out-dated and from interstate.

The advice provided was relevant to us and helped us prioritise what part was important for our business and where we needed to start. It's really worth doing.

The process was simple and manageable. We connected with the advisor because we were able to write a health and safety policy in our own words, relevant to our job, our industry and to our situation. It's all about having someone that has the knowledge, so that we can get the correct information.

I've been lucky to have mentors in the industry that have made me aware of the importance of safety; you need to check out so many parts of the horse in different situations. People just don't realise that when things go wrong, they go wrong quick, and if an injury or accident happens at your place, you're just gutted.

Safety at work is an ongoing process, my team and I consciously integrate safety into everything we do. We looked at horse assessments and came up with a solution for our program horses, including a checklist for that horse and what the rider does with that horse.

We're now revising lesson plans to personalise them, especially when working with children with disabilities, and to reduce risk if different people conduct lessons with the same child. This includes specific and clear instructions for workers and trainers. Common sense is just not common anymore which is why we have in place documentation.

I would say if you guys haven't done it, do it, because this is not as hard as you think."

Like Kathy you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or completing an online form.

For the last eleven years, Kathy has owned the Riding Patch which is a riding school for all ages and includes riding for people with disabilities. With her small team of four, she also runs the Lower Lakes Stockman's Challenge & Bush Festival (a three day annual event with Australia-wide competitors). Both operations are unique and diverse and calls for different work health and safety requirements.

"At ANAT we support professional artists by providing resources and delivering projects that enable the artists to meaningfully engage with science and technology. It is not your standard organisation and this means our WHS requirements aren't standard either; they need to be tailored to the unique work that we do.

When researching legislation requirements for the WHS policy, I came across the Workplace Advisory Service information on the SafeWork SA website, and I didn't hesitate to call them. The WHS advisor was very knowledgeable - she had a strong understanding of what I needed to do and how I needed apply WHS principles to my workplace.

Although we already had a draft of the WHS policy the WHS advisor was able to provide feedback relevant to the work ANAT does and also bring the policy in line with the information in the legislation.

Our Board was very happy with the updated WHS policy and they were impressed with how quickly it had happened. SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service was so prompt - which was amazing!

In the end, updating the WHS policy was so much faster than I expected, and that's mainly because of how efficient the WHS advisor was. I now feel confident our WHS policy is in line with the required regulations and standards.

Advice on WHS is an ideal service to be offered by the Government and it's good to know we have access to this service at no cost.

I received very positive feedback from our Board in regards to the new WHS policy. They were particularly happy with how quickly it had happened and, as a not-for-profit organisation, they were also impressed that the advice we received was free.

My next step is to put new WHS procedures in place and the WHS advisor is going to continue to provide assistance, including helping me with ways to educate ANAT staff in the procedures relevant to them.

If someone is creating or reviewing health and safety at work, I'd recommend they contact SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service straight away. I'm now familiar with the steps to creating a safe workplace and I also know the WHS advisors are there if I need them."

Like Melissa you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or by completing an online form.

Melissa Juhanson is the Operations Manager at ANAT. The not-for-profit organisation supports professional artists through securing the necessary resources that enable these artists to pursue creative research and create groundbreaking artworks. This creates a unique and varied set of work health and safety requirements.

It’s reassuring to know I can shoot an email to the WHS Advisors whenever I have a question. Our family’s farming business is constantly evolving and the advisors are there to help make sure we’re on the right track each time we expand.

We first heard about SafeWork SA’s free Workplace Advisory Service when one of their advisors presented at a regional training day. We decided to get them out for a visit just to see where we were sitting as far as our safety. Speaking to the advisor beforehand, we knew we weren’t going to get in trouble by having them come to the farm – they’re here to support workplaces.

For us, inviting SafeWork SA in was about getting on the front foot and asking them if and how we could improve our WHS.

In the past four years we’ve grown from having two or three employees to now being a team of 18 spread across two separate properties. It’s crucial that everyone is operating safely. We don’t want anyone getting injured – our employees are also our friends and family.

Our employees all know they can chat to us about any risks they identify around the farm and we’ll listen to them. We’ll also chat to them about their thoughts and solutions on risks because they might have an idea that we might have missed.

WHS doesn’t have to be hard. If you overcomplicate it then people just switch off.

Now we keep it simple and we even film procedures on our phones to show our employees how to safely complete a task. It’s quick and we just upload the videos somewhere that all our guys can watch them. Of course we also do one on one training upfront to make sure people know what to do. The video procedures are a great reminder for everyone and were a really good suggestion of the advisors.

Having WHS policies and procedures in place means that all our information is set out and easy to access. It also makes it clear to anyone setting foot on our properties that safety is of the highest importance to us. Farms are specialised worksites and we can’t assume people will just know what to do. Everyone comes here with different levels of knowledge.

When it comes to safety, we take nothing for granted.

The advisors gave us peace of mind and made sure we hadn’t missed anything obvious. We’re here every day so there were things we may not have even thought about it and it was good to have fresh eyes.

I’d tell other farmers not to be scared to contact the SafeWork SA Workplace Advisory Service. Be proactive and get them out to help, you’ll be glad you did”.

Like Paul, you can request to book a free advisor’s visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or complete the online form.

Paul McGorman is the co-owner and Director at Thornby Premium Lamb, a South Australian farming business located in Sanderston that provides fresh, premium quality lamb for the public to enjoy. As a mixed farming business that includes cereal cropping predominantly for lamb feeding and a breeding property on Kangaroo Island, it’s important their WHS policies and procedures are relevant and kept up-to-date for their growing operations.

"I first heard about SafeWork SA through a family member who is also in the construction industry. When I started out it was just me, a basic truck and a handful of tools. I gave them a call for information on working safely but they ended up helping me with so much more.

After the first meeting I realised SafeWork SA weren't the bad guys. I don't want to be dodgy with my work - I want to do things the right way and their Workplace Advisory Service team helped me achieve that.

One of the really good things SafeWork SA's WHS advisor suggested was for us to give potential clients information packs on safe and unsafe asbestos removal practices, demonstrating the safe service we offered to give them peace of mind. Some people didn't care, but most people did. Even though they might have had a cheaper quote from elsewhere they'd usually choose us because they knew we had an asbestos licence, we were doing the job safely and we'd quote so that there were no hidden surprises.

I ask SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service for advice every time we grow and need to buy new equipment and machinery. When people see my team working, they can see we do a safe, professional job and that's why we're booked out six months in advance.

Four years on from starting the business we're now often booked out months ahead. Receiving advice from SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service has been a really good experience - it has helped keep my workers safe and it's helped us win more jobs.

I've gone from it being just me, with no asbestos licence, doing little jobs on my own and sub-contracting any asbestos work - to now being so busy that I have to contract out some jobs because I can't keep up with the demand.

There's a change in thinking with how industries work these days. A generation or two ago it was about getting things done quickly, but it meant people would get hurt more often. Now customers want trust in knowing we're doing things properly. Our professional procedures have helped us pick up bigger jobs with large developers.

I wouldn't be where I am today without their help and I don't know where else I'd be able to get the free information I need to do things the right way. I think small businesses, especially when they're starting out, should contact SafeWork SA for WHS advice. Their Workplace Advisory Service is there to help businesses, not fine them or shut them down.

I've told lots of other people to give SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service a call. We're a family-owned business doing things honestly and safely and we're reaping the benefits of that."

Like Sean you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or completing an online form.

Sean D'Apollonio owns Mr Dapy's Demolition. Sean and his team carry out residential demolition and asbestos removal. Working in a high-risk construction workplace means their health and safety procedures and work licences always need to be correct and up to date.

I first gave SafeWork SA a call before I bought a new vacuum truck, to make sure I was meeting my obligations, and they put me through to their Workplace Advisory Service. I was amazed when they explained they could provide me with WHS advice and that they would travel from Adelaide to visit me on the Yorke Peninsula.

I consider myself to be a safe worker anyway, but wanted to make sure I also had the right paperwork for what I do. For me, it was just about keeping on top of my obligations. The advisors were really helpful and I never felt worried about speaking with them, they’re here to help South Australian businesses so it was a no-brainer.

When I started out I was solely working on light earth moving and landscaping, using small equipment. The business has now grown to handle bigger earthworks, drainage work and vacuum extraction. I’ve also started employing people. From doing purely domestic jobs we’re now doing a lot of commercial and civil work too. There’s a lot of WHS to think about along the way.

We’re now winning a lot of bigger jobs that we wouldn’t be considered for if we didn’t have safe work method statements and risk assessments in place. I know I can always ring the SafeWork SA advisors when I’m making updates in the business, to make sure I’m still on the right track.

You’ve got to start somewhere with your WHS. It doesn’t matter if you’re not doing everything right yet, that’s exactly when you should call the advisors. I’m still getting better with WHS each day. You never stop improving.

The advisors helped me out with a lot of things in the beginning including paperwork, wearing personal protective equipment and using safety cones. We’ve got a lot more signage and safety barriers than we used to. Our machines are all serviced and well maintained and that’s documented for anyone to see.

I’ve heard some bad stories about incidents and things going wrong in other workplaces. I want to avoid that risk for me and my workers. That’s why it’s important get ahead with WHS and stop anything bad happening in the first place.

The business has been around for a while now. People will see us out working and we’ve got the correct signage and safety gear, and I think that makes us more trustworthy for future jobs.

I’ve recommended the advisors to a lot of other people. The advisors are there to help and if a potential incident can be avoided by talking to them then why wouldn’t you”.

Like Shane, you can request to book a free advisor’s visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or complete the online form.

Shane Dunstan is the owner and operator of YP Diggers, an earth moving, landscaping and vacuum excavation business located in Wallaroo. Their WHS requirements and procedures have evolved over the last 14 years as their services expanded and grew from domestic work to commercial and civil.

Sharni contacted the SafeWork SA workplace advisory service for assistance when introducing a new work health and safety management plan across multiple hotels within their South Australian portfolio.

Implementing our new WHS management plan was a big project and one that we wanted to do correctly from the very beginning, with the right support and advice. I knew about SafeWork SA’s free advisory service through the Australian Hotels Association and from there I got in contact to see how they could help us.

As a hotel network, our workforce is dynamic and ever-changing. We also have the added challenge of being spread across multiple locations nationally. WHS procedures were already in place across the different properties before we started on this project, but we had identified some areas for improvement and it was time for a new system and plan to help ensure absolute best practice at all times as well as operational efficiencies and consistencies.

To implement our WHS management plan and the changes that would come with it, we knew we needed the support of all our senior management teams as well as all workers at all of the hotels, no matter if they were long term employees or transient casual staff.

The SafeWork SA advisor met with me in Adelaide to discuss what we wanted to achieve and the key outcomes that they would be able to assist with. We had the plan and systems in place and we knew that rolling it out to more than 1200 employees, and getting each individual’s buy-in, would present its challenges.

I've received such fantastic feedback about our WHS management project, including the staff sessions that the SafeWork SA advisor helped us undertake; they were a clear success. I will certainly be contacting the advisors when I organise any future WHS education sessions for the hotels.

The advisor visited the different regional hotels within South Australia and held education sessions for all of the managers, supervisors and WHS committee members.

We have noticed real improvements in the WHS awareness of staff and overall approach and commitment to a safe work place across all the hotels within the 1834 Hotels portfolio since we introduced our new WHS management plan and associated processes. We are very grateful to SafeWork SA for taking the time to visit the various locations and hold educational sessions to provide the relevant information and get everyone on-board.

I have no hesitation in recommending the SafeWork SA workplace advisory service. It was a seamless process for us from the very beginning and their support is something we are really grateful for. We’ll be continuing our relationship with SafeWork SA in the future”.

Like Sharni, you can request to book a free advisor's visit at a time that suits you by calling us on 1300 365 255 or complete the online form.

Sharni King is the Operations Manager HR and WHS at 1834 Hotels, a network of hotels, motels, apartments and resorts across Australia. The entities are individually owned but collectively managed by the group and offer a range of accommodation options, services and facilities for your next conference, function or stay. With a diverse workforce of over 1200 employees spread across multiple locations this creates a tailored approach to work, health and safety requirements.

"I wanted to secure a five year contract with a major multinational company that deals with building and construction materials. This company, as well as others I subcontract to, works with the Government's Northern Connector Project. I first got in touch with SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service for practical advice about updating my WHS procedures and practises ahead of securing the contract.

I've been in the transport industry as an owner-operator for the past twenty years, delivering sand, quarry materials and asphalt from quarries to worksites. About a year ago I made the decision to expand my business and now I employ two full time drivers, a part-time driver and a mechanic.

I used to think if you were speaking with SafeWork SA then you were in some kind of trouble but that's not how it was at all and without their help I would have been struggling, or I would have had to pay someone thousands of dollars.

The free service and advice was invaluable and saved me a lot of money. SafeWork SA's WHS advisors do not have inspector powers. They are not there to report you; they are here to help you.

My business already had safety policies and procedures, but the WHS advisor was able to advise me on where I could update and improve what I was doing, one of which was a revised Driver Pre-Start and Daily Run Sheet. This included signing off on a mechanical audit before leaving the workshop and a declaration of fitness for work. The WHS advisor also ran a toolbox talk to help my workers to get their heads around the changes, understand the chain of responsibility and the WHS responsibilities they have as drivers.

I'm proud to say I secured the large contract. It's peace of mind because I know my business is secure for at least the next five years. This big win was a lot easier with the help of the Workplace Advisory Service. The WHS work wasn't as hard as I thought it would be either, I updated the paperwork in small steps, it only took me about an hour or two each week in that first month.

Going forward, I won't hesitate using the free service again because I know they can help keep me up to date with any work health and safety changes and that will keep my business competitive.

In my opinion the SafeWork SA's Workplace Advisory Service gets a ten out of ten. If it's something you're thinking about then give it a go, you don't need to worry about being reported, that's not what the advisors are there for."

Like Tony you can call us on 1300 365 255 to book a free advisor visit at a time that suits you or complete an online form.

Tony Cufone owns SA Contract Tippers. Together with his team of four, Tony's business delivers sand, asphalt and other materials from quarries to various worksites. This labour-intensive work calls for clear work health and safety considerations.