As a worker, you have a legal responsibility to maintain your own health and safety and not place others at risk.

Protect your own health and safety

All workers are responsible for protecting their own health and safety at work.

To minimise the risks to your health and safety:

  • make sure your employer has provided you with induction, training and instructions so you feel safe doing the work being asked of you
  • follow all reasonable (safe) directions by your supervisor
  • read all policies and procedures carefully, particularly where they may impact on your health and safety
  • keep your work area free of hazards
  • do not undertake work if you are not confident that you can do the task safely - ask your supervisor for guidance and training
  • stop work if you become aware of an unsafe situation and immediately report it to your supervisor
  • do not take drugs or consume alcohol before or at work
  • wear all required PPE
  • comply with all policies, procedures and instructions in relation to work, health and safety (WHS)
  • operate plant and machinery in line with correct policies, procedures and training
  • actively support WHS consultation processes
  • assist incident investigators or workplace inspectors.

Do not place others at risk

It is also your responsibility to not place others at risk:

  • take reasonable care that your actions or lack of action does not adversely affect others
  • do not interfere with, change or remove any safeguard, safety device or personal protection equipment (PPE) - except when part of an approved maintenance, repair or emergency procedure
  • report all hazards or incidents to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Treat others with respect

Discriminating or bullying behaviour is not acceptable.

Report discriminating or bullying behaviour to your supervisor or manager. Alternatively contact us on 1300 365 255 or the Fair Work Commission on 1300 799 675.

Reporting safety concerns

Speak to your supervisor or Health & Safety Representative if you have concerns about the safety at your workplace.

Alternatively you can contact us on 1300 365 255 for advice.

If you want to report a safety issue at your workplace, you can do so online or by giving us a call. You can choose to remain anonymous however we can act more quickly if we have full details. Your identity will remain confidential if/when dealing with your employer.

Further information