Before commencing demolition

Permanent disconnection of the electricity supply must be completed before a property can be demolished. This is known as abolishment of services.

Owners, developers, builders and demolition businesses all have a responsibility to ensure the electricity supply is abolished before demolition work commences to ensure a safe working environment and there is no risk of electrocution.

Disconnection and abolishment definitions

Disconnection means switching off your power supply. Live electricity will still be present between the meter and the street, so it is not safe to start demolition works.

Abolishment means the permanent removal of the electricity meter supply cable by the electricity company.

Getting an electrical supply abolished

Do not start any demolition activity until the electricity supply has been abolished. Demolishing any part of the property prior to this could have life threatening consequences.

  1. Property owner - contacts the electricity retailer for the property (the one who sends you the bills).
  2. Electricity retailer - sends SAPN an Abolishment Service Order for supply to be permanently disconnected.
  3. Property owner - inform builder and/or demolition businesses that an application for abolishment has been lodged
    • if the abolishment is urgent, the property owner should contact SAPN to check if the request has been received. Ensure you have the retailer’s service order number on hand.
  4. SA Power Networks - assesses the site requirements and will notify the property owner that an abolishment date can be booked for the supply to be removed.
  5. Property owner - books an abolishment date with SAPN and advise the builder and/or demolition company of the date.
  6. Builder and/or demolition businesses - prior to commencing demolition visually:
  • confirm the electricity meter has been physically removed
  • check that SAPN has placed a sticker in the meter box.

SAPN stickers

Yellow warning sticker confirms the grid supply has been disconnected and demolition can commence

SAPN abolishment of electrical supply completed sticker

Note: supply from other sources e.g. solar, battery may still be present and should be decommissioned by a licensed electrician.

‘Danger’ sticker notifies that the abolishment was unsuccessful and demolition cannot commence.

SAPN abolishment of electrical supply not completed sticker

Further information

For further assistance, please contact SAPN on 13 12 61 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm) or via email to