Our Health and Safety Representative (HSR) portal is a secure online network of information about South Australian HSR election results, HSR contact details and completed HSR training.

Portal access is provided for PCBUs, elected HSRs and approved training providers.

Contact our Help Centre on 1300 365 255 if you are not sure if you are already registered with us, or you have forgotten your password or having difficulty accessing the portal.

Using the portal


As soon as possible after an election at your workplace, via the portal, you must provide us with information about elected HSRs. We will then send your HSRs their own HSR ID which gives them access the portal and can be used when they apply for HSR training with an approved training provider.

To use the portal you must be registered with SafeWork SA. If you already have a client number (Infonet Customer Number or ICN) and password it’s easy.

If you are registering for the first time, you can do this on the portal using any 2 of the following:

  • an ABN or ACN
  • a SafeWork SA client number (ICN)
  • a licence/registration number
  • a licence/registration invoice number.

If you only have one of the above, please contact us on 1300 365 255.

Through the portal employers can:

  • add newly elected HSRs
  • update and maintain HSR election results
  • view HSR listings by site/location
  • produce Excel reports on current HSRs in your workplace/s
  • check HSR training records.

For more information check the portal information guide for PCBUs.

Health and Safety Representatives

As soon as possible after your election as an HSR, it is your employer's responsibility to enter your personal and contact details onto the portal for you.

Once we have received this information, you will be sent an email or SMS with your HSR ID and password.

Using these login details you can then access the portal to:

  • complete any missing or incorrect information
  • keep your details up-to-date at all times
  • check your HSR training record.

For your personal security always remember to log out of the portal system.

Your HSR ID is also used by approved training providers to update your HSR training records, so you need to provide it to them at the time of booking into your HSR training.

For more information check the portal information guide for HSRs.

Approved training providers

If you are an approved training provider and already registered with us, you can access the portal using your existing username and password to:

  • check if an HSR has been registered by their employer
  • see if an HSR has already attended other HSR training within their current term of office
  • record HSR training attendance at your courses (if you have the HSR ID)
  • view reports on course types/dates for specific time periods (report downloading is not available).

An HSR’s personal contact information on the portal is private and confidential and is only for validating their identification. Do not use the HSRs details for mailing purposes without the their permission.

If you receive a training application from an HSR without their ID being noted, ask them to provide this information - they may need to ask their employer for the ID number.

For more information check the portal information guide for Approved HSR Training Providers.