You must have a white card to work in the construction industry.

SafeWork SA does not issue white cards. Please see your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to obtain a new or replacement card.

White card training

In order to obtain a white card you need to successfully complete a general induction training course (course reference CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry). This course provides basic knowledge of:

  • construction work
  • work health and safety laws
  • common site hazards and
  • how to control the associated risks.

This training must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation.

The RTO will issue you with a white card once you have successfully completed the training.

Keep a note of your RTO's details in your records. You may need this information in case you require a replacement card or to update your details.

Obtaining a replacement card

White cards are issued by Registered Training Organisations not by SafeWork SA.

If you need a new card or to change your details, you must contact the RTO where you completed your induction training.

Your white card does not expire. All cards issued after 1 July 2011 have photographic ID. Cards issued before that date, without photo ID, remain valid.

Proof of training

Whenever you are on a construction site, you must keep your white card available for inspection. If you no longer have your white card, or you are unable to show proof of training, you will need to attend the induction training course again. Please contact a Registered Training Organisation for training details.

Your PCBU is also required to keep a record of your training and competencies. If they consider it necessary, they may ask you to undertake refresher training, in which case a new card and photo ID will be issued by the RTO.

White cards obtained interstate

If you obtained your white card interstate, PCBUs in SA are obliged to accept these cards as proof of training under WHS Regulations.

Specialised construction training

The Construction Industry Training Board provides specialised training and skills development relevant to construction work.

Further training may:

  • give you a deeper knowledge of health and safety issues and safe work practices specific to a particular workplace or work site
  • help you understand how to safely undertake a specific task.

Further information

Code of Practice for Construction Work

Page last updated: 29 January 2020