A high risk work licence lasts for five years unless cancelled earlier.

The addition of new qualifications does not alter your original Licence 'start' date. It will still expire/become due for renewal 5 years after the original issue date.

You may only renew your licence within the 30 days prior to the expiry date displayed on your licence. We are unable to process licence renewals more than 30 days before the expiry date.

Expired licences

You may renew your licence up to 12 months following the expiry date. However, you will not be licensed during the expired period and cannot undertake any work that requires the licence.

If you do not renew your licence within 12 months of the expiry date you will be required to be reassessed in the class(es) you wish to obtain - that is, you will need to undergo retraining.

It is your responsibility to ensure your licence remains current.

Paying for your renewal

You must start the renewal process online through the High Risk Work portal. We ask this because you need to make a legal declaration that you have maintained your competencies. We are unable to make this declaration for you.

To log onto the portal you will need your:

  • HRW licence number
  • Date of birth
  • Last name
  • Postcode
    • this is the postcode that we have in our system. If your current postcode does not work, try one from a previous address and update your details when you log in.

Pay online

If you do not need a new photo (required every 10 years), you can pay for your licence online via our High Risk Work portal.

Pay in person

If you would like to pay through invoicing or you need a new photo you will need to pay for your licence in person.

Log on to the High Risk Work portal. Select the 'In Person' option and follow the steps to generate an invoice. You must pay your invoice within 60 days of the date of issue.

You will need to:

Licence photos

If you pay in person at Service SA or Australia Post you will have a new photo taken for inclusion on your licence.

You are also required to have a new photo taken at least every 10 years. The High Risk Work portal will indicate if you are due for a new photo. You must pay for this renewal in person. Follow the steps to print off a copy of your invoice and take it to a Service SA Customer Service Centre or an Australia Post Photopoint outlet in South Australia. You will have a new photo taken when you pay for your licence.

100 points of identification

Upon payment for a Licence to Perform High Risk Work, you must produce 100 points of identification. All documents must be originals. Cards available via an official Government app (eg MySAGov, Centerlink, Medicare) are accepted as valid original documents. Photographs or photocopies of licences are not accepted.

If you cannot produce a primary document, 100 points can be made up from a combination of secondary documents, provided at least one document includes photo identification, your full name and signature (eg a driver's licence). At least one of the documents must show your date of birth.

If you cannot produce evidence of identity documents matching the requirements specified below, the application cannot proceed.

All forms of identification must be current unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

Primary Documents
70 points
Secondary Documents
40 points
Secondary Documents
25 points
Australian Passport
Current or expired which has not been cancelled and was current within the preceding 2 years
Australian Driver's Licence Proof of Age Card
International Passport
Current passports only - expired passports not accepted
Passport in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official translation
Licence to Perform High Risk Work Medicare Card
Australian Full Birth Certificate or Certificate Extract Public Service Identity Card Current bank or credit union issued credit card, debit or account card
Australian Citizenship Certificate Tertiary Education Identity Card Bank or credit union statement
  Veterans' Affairs Card Council rates notice
  Centrelink Card Utility bill
  Health Care Card Telephone bill
   Motor vehicle registration certificate

Receiving your new licence

You will be licenced to undertake high risk work from the date you made the licence payment.

Please allow approximately 6 weeks for the processing and posting of your new licence.

You will need to keep your receipt on you when you are conducting high risk work as evidence that you are licenced.

If you have not received your licence within 6 weeks please contact us on 1300 365 255. If you do not contact us within 90 days you may incur a card replacement fee.