There are six classes of gas fitting as follows:

  • Class 1 - all classes of gas fitting
  • Class 2 - three installations for approval (a pre-requisite to obtaining a Class 1)
  • Class 3 - fork lifts only (installation, maintenance, repair)
  • Class 4 - vehicle gas equipment (maintenance, repair)
  • Class 5 - stationary engines (installation, maintenance, repair).
  • Class 6 - other situation specific - eg wreckers removing systems (combination of installation, maintenance, repair).

Permit to carry out gas fitting work - LPG and CNG

Application Guide

A person who carries out gas fitting work must comply with:.

  • the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 1425 for work with LPG
  • the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 2739 for work with CNG.
Gas fitting - Application $123 plus class options.
Please see our list of fees.
3 years
Gas fitting - Replacement $123 N/A
Gas plates and books - Application Varies.
Please see our list of fees.
3 years

Completing the forms

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