SafeWork SA has been notified of a demolition site where abolishment of electrical services had not occurred.

SafeWork SA is urgently reminding developers, builders and demolition businesses to ensure permanent disconnection of electricity supply has occurred prior to demolition commencing.

A complaint was received by SafeWork SA notifying that the electrical service line was still connected to the pole while the house was being demolished.

Inspectors attended site and discovered the electrical service line was illegally disconnected from the house and was left lying on the ground in a live state, creating a risk to workers and the public.

South Australian Power Networks (SAPN) attended the site and made the area safe, including the removal of the electricity meters.

Meter box
Power connection lying on ground next to house

SafeWork SA provided a similar reminder in December 2020 after attending residential premises with SAPN , where it was identified that builders and developers were  not completing correct and safe abolishment of electricity supply, prior to demolishing works .

Work that is carried out on or near energised electrical installations or services is defined as high risk construction work in the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA).

To ensure the safety of workers and the public the disconnection of electrical supply eliminates the risks of electrocution.

Guidance information is available on permanent disconnection of electricity supply before commencing demolition.