Anyone who has had their licence and authorisation documentation destroyed as a result of the recent bushfires should contact SafeWork SA to seek replacement documentation.

SafeWork SA want to help those affected by the recent bushfires that have devastated parts of South Australia in getting back to work safely.

Martyn Campbell, Executive Director of SafeWork SA announced that SafeWork SA will help people to obtain replacement licensing and authorisation documentation, and may waive replacement fees.

“SafeWork SA want people to be able to get their documentation replaced with a minimum of fuss and return to work when they are ready.

For those affected, they can apply for lost or destroyed licence and authorisation documentation as a result of the bushfires, and we will replace as a priority and waive the fee”, said Mr Campbell.

Those affected can contact SafeWork SA on weekdays on 1300 365 255, or visit our website for further information about licensing, including document replacement.

Phone: 1300 365 255

Email: licensing.safework@sa.gov.au

Website: Licensing & authorisation