SafeWork SA is throwing its support behind a national campaign that aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of work health and safety for food delivery workers.

The Deliver yourself home safely campaign will run from May to September 2023 and will provide practical information and key contact details to help influence positive work health and safety attitudes and behaviours.

Food delivery workers are at risk of physical and psychological harm while working. Safe Work Australia has this month launched a campaign to increase awareness of the importance of work health and safety for food delivery workers.

Individuals, families and the broader community are all affected by work-related injuries and illnesses. Safe Work Australia data shows there have been 10 deaths of food delivery workers since 2019.

Safe Work Australia has published a range of information in English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Nepali, Vietnamese, Hindi and Urdu including:

*              posters

*              fact sheets

*              infographics

*              a safety quiz, and

*              a campaign kit.

This national, research-informed campaign complements national work health and safety guidance for the food delivery industry published by Safe Work Australia in 2021 to help food delivery riders, platforms and food outlets understand and comply with their duties under WHS legislation, identify and manage the relevant risks and hazards and understand how workers’ compensation applies to the gig economy.

For more information, see the Deliver yourself home safely website at www.swa.gov.au/deliversafely