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Whether you have 5 employees or 500 employees, in Adelaide or in one of SA's great regional centres get involved and Organise your own workplace activity to show your commitment to health and safety in your workplace.

These activities can be fun and informal like a safety quiz or morning tea, organising your own safety competition, or arranging health checks and talks with a focus is on work health and safety. If you like, you can plan your activity around this year's theme WHS through COVID-19.

If eligible your activity can go into the running to win up to $3000 worth of prizes.

See what other workplaces are doing or check out our 2019 competition winners for some inspiration!

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We also have some resources available to help promote your workplace activity.

Scott Automation Lunch and Learn proactively organised by the Site HS Coordinator. Recognised everyone had Covid fatigue and moral low from restructure, job uncertainty.
Korvest Ltd

We will be providing free, confidential worker health checks for our workers through Sonic Health on site.

The checks will include:

  • Blood profiling with Cardiochek machine (“pin prick” test)
  • Lipid Profile Cholesterol (Total CHOL)
  • Blood sugar (GLUC)
Michell Wool Pty Ltd A week focused on safety training and awareness with a variety of activities from classroom to shop-floor activities.
Hume Doors & Timber WHS Scavenger Hunt
Rexel Morning tea for office staff

Create a Training passport for all 150 apprentices at ATEC so they have access and can show scanned files of certificates on their phone in an instant!

This readily available evidence would be available in seconds for site inductions, random audits or requests from supervisors or contractors. We know they have their drivers licence and white card in their wallet but we are going to make it easier so everything is on their ‘Apprentice Passport’ which assists with compliant gaps too.

Some examples include: Forklift Licence, LVR, in training Licence, DCSI, Police Clearance. Working safely at heights, Elevated work platform, Confined space, Truck licence, first aid etc

Master Builders Association
  • Weekly safety motto collection from all apprentices. This motto prompt will be part of apprentices daily hazard assessment "take 5" - winners will be drawn at apprentice safety meeting
  • Prepare and deliver bespoke safe work method statement (SWMS) training and video for a (SA) business who recently received an enforceable undertaking
  • WHS forum to be held at MBA house to wrap up safe work month
Disability Living A WHS quiz for clients to work on with their Carer's/Support Staff.
Country Health Connect
  • Billion steps walk.
  • Manual Handling Training for all staff
Yorke and Northern Local Health Network Work Health and Safety LHN Roadshow. Senior WHS Consultants are travelling across the region to visit 19 sites inclusive of Hospitals, Community Health & Aged Care settings to talk with workers about all things worker wellbeing (healthy eating, exercise, sleep, good mental health & mindfulness) whilst enjoying a morning or afternoon tea. We are building relationships along the way and promoting worker conversations about safety & wellbeing. We will also leave wellbeing resources at sites for all to enjoy.
Croplands For the month of October, Croplands are focussing on the important things that motivates us to work safely and go home unharmed. A visual representation, in the form of a poster, will be created and displayed in the workplace to remind us why we choose to work safely.
REDARC Electronics
  • Keeping our Workplace COVID Safe:
    • rotating COVID Safe messages on our intranet, internal social networking platform (Yammer), communication sessions and toolbox meetings
    • COVID Safe posters on staff notice boards, lunch room and throughout the facility
  • Free in-house Blood Pressure & Pulse rate testing
    • a perfect opportunity for our nurse to gauge how our team is coping in these challenging times and to discreetly offer confidential support
    • hard copy blood pressure and heart health information available in the lunch room
  • Navigating Mental Health
    • we all have mental health
    • reducing stigma and normalising mental health, as is physical health
    • rotating mental health messages on our intranet, internal social networking platform (Yammer), communication sessions and toolbox meetings
    • mental health tips and support posters on staff notice boards, lunch room and throughout the facility
    • hard copy Beyond Blue information available in the lunch room.
McLaren Vintners

To promote National Safe Work month, the team at McLaren Vintners will:

  • Undertake Snake Awareness training including snake first aid. We will learn about snake behaviours and how to ensure workers stay safe during the summer months, and what to do in the event there is a snake in the winery or someone is bitten. Snake Catchers Adelaide will attend the site and set up a snake pit with live venomous snakes, and the snake handler will provide live demonstrations.
  • Roll out an automated electronic incident reporting system where staff can report on incidents including hazards and near misses electronically using their mobile phone regardless of where they are in the winery.
Municipal Council of Roxby Downs Interactive Incident Simulation and Interactive Mock Court
Corporation of the City of Marion MOCK COURT - SHADE SAIL SCENARIO
The City of Marion is hosting a Mock Court, in collaboration with Local Government Workers Compensation Scheme, Sparke Helmore Lawyers and SafeWork SA. This mock court follows on from a similar Safe Work Month where an Incident Investigation commenced following a serious injury from a shade sail failing. Several staff from the City of Marion will take part in this interactive prosecution case. This event has been created for Local Government and would be a great development opportunity for Executives, Managers, HR, WHS and Risk Professions and Health & Safety Representatives within Local Government across SA.
City of Mitcham Mock Trial
Finsbury Green

At Finsbury Green we announced October as Women's Health Month (to be followed in November by Men's Health Month/Movement). The three initiatives are as follows:

  • 12.30pm, Friday 9th Oct - Natasha Orel volunteered her time to run a Yoga session for us.
  • 12.30pm, Wednesday 14th Oct – Dr Nicole Yap (breast surgeon and oncoplastic) will educate us on the topic of Breast Cancer. For the men of Finsbury, this invitation extends to the women in your life. Some of the points she will cover will be:
    • Why you don’t need to be afraid of cancer
    • Early diagnosis and prevention
    • Signs and symptoms to look for
    • What are the risk factors
    • How to examine yourself and or partner
    • Why it’s important for men to have this information.
  • The Pledge – We ask all of you to take a pledge to prioritise your well-being.
Agilex Biolabs Agilex will host a Hazard Identification Week from the 26th - 30th Oct 2020. Within this week, Agilex will strive to further empower our employees to identify potential hazards, perform any corrective actions and report it via a Near Miss report. All reports will be reviewed by the health and safety committee, and the employee with the most identified and prevented hazards will receive a prize. This will end with a social event of a food truck visiting Agilex to celebrate our workers and our commitment to safety!
Tenison Woods College
  • Weekly WHS tips via email to all staff
  • WHS Quiz.

We launched a video across the entire organisation that was created in-house which covers the various steps throughout the incident reporting process involving a number of employees from across the organisation. The video commences with an incident occurring and steps through the stages of reporting and investigation and involvement of the stakeholders including the Health & Safety Representative and Managers.

Across the organisation, the reporting of hazards, near misses and other safety-related events has always been a priority. This year, the focus is on the identification and implementation of corrective actions. It is important for managers to investigate the event with the employee and the Health & Safety Representative to determine a practical solution to eliminate or minimise the risk into the future. We enables us to share the learnings within our teams, departments and business units to maximise the value of the reporting.

Star Pharmacy Group Identifying Hazards across our Pharmacies in 4 areas. Front of Shop Area, Dispense Area, Webster Packing Ares & Storage Area. Once hazards have been identified by the team, measures will be put in place to minimise the hazard from becoming an incident/event.
IKEA Adelaide

Week 1 – Informing of safe work month, using posters, flyers, email, internal social platforms, workplace huddles talking about safe work month.

Week 2 - 9th October – Navigating mental health through COVID-19 we have two health and wellbeing champions nominated to champion this space by hosting well being activities and information - we have installed a bookcase in the co-worker chill out zone stating a take one leave one, promoting good mental health. We have been communicating via the Mental Health First Aider officer promoting the Mental Health Action Plan ALGEE raising better awareness and to look for the sign and symptoms in the peers in the workplace.

Week 3 – 16th October - Using data to make workplaces safer - Using the internal incident reporting system to explain the ranging list of recorded injuries. Raising hazard identification and risk controls - working with leaders on conducting risk assessments, catering the information to all levels within the workplace.

Week 4 – 23rd October - A safe and healthy workplace is for everyone - IKEA Adelaide has created a co-worker engagement activity that hit two points:

  1. a safe and healthy workplace and
  2. navigating the mental health effects form COVID19 in the workplace.

We are doing this by Host each week a different work area / department in "Foucs" where co-workers explain their challenges during COVID19 at work and how it has effected them. We are also hold nominations for the "Nominate a Store Safety Champion During COVID19" with a prize to the winner at the end of October.

Week 5 – 30th October - Keeping WHS a priority - for this week we are holding a survey you can log on to via a QR code placed on the posters, flyers and emails to complete a workplace health & safety survey, asking a few questions about their thoughts and suggestions on areas to improve. It has been a fantastic response with great co-worker engagement while also building upon further integrating WHS into the everyday planning.

Oxoid Australia Pty Ltd

October is Safety month and one of our activities will be to reduce clutter around the site. 5S* and safety go hand in hand. If we have work areas that are clutter free with everything in their place it creates a work environment that supports both the physical and mental aspects of safety.

*5S is defined as a methodology that results in a workplace that is clean, uncluttered, SAFE, and well organized to help reduce waste and optimize productivity. It's designed to help build a quality work environment, both physically and mentally. The 5S philosophy applies in any work area suited for visual control and lean production. The 5S condition of a work area is critical to employees. 5S = Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain. Safety is the honorary sixth 'S'.
Parkwynd Private Hospital

Week 5/10/20 - Mental Health & Wellbeing Week - An 'ideas' board posted in staff rooms for staff to write suggestions and thoughts on how to RELAX. Information posted on noticeboards regarding Health & Wellbeing including tips on how to strengthen connections with family and friends at work and at home.

Week 12/10/20 - Infection Control Week - Word Find (with a wrapped chocolate bar for all who complete and return) - Promotion of Global Handwashing Day.

Week 19/10/20 - Safety Week - Focus on Incident & Hazard Reporting (Riskman) with a poster of some recent reports and what corrective action has been taken to encourage staff to report.

Week 26/10/20 - Healthy Eating & Lifestyles Week - Fresh fruit provided in staff rooms all week - Healthy muffins for morning & afternoon tea on Thursday - Pilates discount sourced from local studio offered to all staff - Information provided on local walking trails and tips for 'walking safely' - Discounts on healthy staff meals.

Sutterby Electrical

Sutterby Electrical have a strong culture of safety, which is reinforced in our monthly Safety Meetings where we address a specific health and safety topic, as well as general information.

For our October Safety Meeting, we will be focussing on the link between diet and mental health. We have prepared a presentation (including a handout) that describes the importance a good diet has on mental health (as well as physical health).
Eating a good lunch helps workers to get the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Keeping healthy snacks available also helps to maintain a good diet focus.

In this presentation we also stress the importance of taking a meal break during the workday. Getting away from your desk (or worksite) at lunchtime gives you the opportunity to become refreshed, which helps to increase productivity and creativity.

During the Safety Meeting, all workers (electricians, apprentices, and office staff) are being given a voucher to be used for buying a healthy lunch.

Our 2019 competition winners came up with a variety of ideas to help promote work health and safety in their organisations.

Advanced Plastic Recycling staff with their winner's certificate

Advanced Plastic Recycling

Advanced Plastic Recycling held a Safety Improvements Competition encouraging employees to be "Safety Champions". This competition asked employees to suggest safety initiatives in five categories - Product Loading, On the Road, Daily Activities, Factory Tours, Christmas. Employees were encouraged to suggest initiatives in these areas, submissions judged against set criteria and finalists decided by employee vote. There was one overall winner plus a winner and winners in each category. This competition was a fun and effective way to encourage the team to consider further safety improvements and promote collaboration. (27 employees)

ATEC staff with their winner's certificate

ATEC Group Training

ATEC Group Training ran a competition with it's apprentices to SMS "One Line Safety Messages". For each day of October one of these SMS's was selected and sent out to all of our apprentices. At the end of the month, all entries went into a draw for one of 3 prizes. (135 employees)

ATYS staff with their winner's certificate


ATSYS empowered individuals to be Safety Champions by handing out raffle tickets to all employees who promote safety. Staff were encouraged to share their on-site safety experiences, identify safety hazards and suggest mitigation measures, manage PPE allocations, maintain a hazard free work space and correctly answer safety questions from the WHS Procedure and Legislation Quiz. At the end of the month, a ‘Safety Champion Morning Tea’ was held where each raffle ticket holder was able to take a spin of the ‘Wheel of Safety’. This concluded the month with a bang – a safe one of course! (60 employees)

N.F. McDonnell & Sons

NF MacDonell staff with their winner's certificate

N.F. McDonnell & Sons strongly believe that safety needs to be at the forefront of their business every day. The company used National Safe Work Month as an opportunity to recognise and reward their safety champions for their hard work and commitment to safety. N.F McDonnell & Sons'  workplace activity commenced in January 2019 encouraging their workers to be safety champions throughout the year by holding their own Safe Work Month competition. Winners announced at a special safety BBQ held in October. (120 employees)

Parkwynd Private Hospital staff with their winner's certificate

Parkwynd Private Hospital

Parkwynd developed a 'Health & Wellbeing and Safety' calendar for the month of October with an 'activity' for every day of the month. Activities included: bring a health morning or afternoon tea to share; eat your lunch outside day; a visit from the Cancer Council; Occupational Violence & Aggression Awareness Day; identify a workplace hazard and provide a solution; tell us what makes you feel safe at work; information on mental health & wellbeing. All staff got actively involved and had a big impact on their safety and health & wellbeing culture. (100 employees)

Rapid Global staff with their winner's certificate

Rapid Global

Be a Rapid Safety Champion - Rapid Global ran an office briefing combined with a 'Be a Rapid Safety Champion' themed tea with 'National Safe Work Month' branded cupcakes logo and other promotional materials. Rapid Global incorporated a social media campaign that included a video to further promote this cause and to show Rapid's support of Safe Work Month! (65 employees)

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