Age Matters Project

Populations across the globe are ageing. As a result we will see more mature age people in our community, including in our workplaces.

Age Matters is a project providing practical information and resources for employers on retaining and attracting older workers in a competitive national and international environment. Through the promotion of flexible working arrangements, mature age workers will choose to stay in the workforce or seek to enter it.

Resources and activities

Myths and stereotypes about older workers are invisible and deeply entrenched. Worse still they are accepted within our workplaces, creating a hidden barrier; a form of age discrimination.

Education, awareness raising and information can highlight ageist misconceptions and help bring about changes in both attitudes and actions. The project provides a range of resources and activities to support mature age participation in the workforce, including:

Project partnerships

The project is delivered and managed through SafeWork SA, and is built around a range of key partners working together. These partners include:


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Last Modified Date: 01/MAY/2014