What are the issues?

A healthy work life balance that assists individuals to manage their working and private lives is key to the prosperity of all South Australians. The main issues facing the workforce are:

Labour shortages

According to the South Australian Training & Skills Commission's Skills for Jobs plan, the South Australian labour market profile shows that there are approximately 264,700 people in South Australia who are either underemployed, unemployed or not in the labour force but who want to work.

Shortage of employable skills

The Review of Skills and Workforce Development Report states that a proportion of those represented in the underemployed and unemployed bracket lack basic employability skills and an opportunity to work and study could address this.

Ageing workforce

The South Australian Training and Skills Commission found that about a third of the South Australian workforce will be approaching retirement (55 - 64 years of age) within the next 10 years and the state needs to maximize options to keep mature workers in the workforce.

Increasing pressure on our health system

Almost a quarter of total government spending is currently directed to health, age-related pensions and aged care, but that is projected to increase to about half by 2049-2050. Providing time for preventative health measures such as exercise, relief from sedentary tasks and healthy eating can reduce the strain on the health system. Read more in Australia to 2050: future challenges.

Time pressures causing additional stress on our workforce

Around half of all employees work more hours than they are paid for. On average, a typical employee works 49 minutes of unpaid overtime per day. For full-time workers, the average daily amount of unpaid work is more than one hour. Read more in Something for Nothing - unpaid overtime in Australia.

Australian Work + Life Index (AWALI)
SafeWork SA is an industry partner with the Centre for Work + Life at the University of South Australia in a three-year Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project to establish a measurement tool for work life balance. The centre conducts a survey at the beginning of each year with results published in the middle of each year. Read the current AWALI report and previous reports on the Centre's website.


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Last Modified Date: 23/MAR/2012