South Australia's Strategic Plan


Promoting Work Life Balance as part of South Australia's Strategic Plan

The primary role of SafeWork SA is to promote and encourage safe, fair, productive working lives for South Australians.

SafeWork SA is the lead agency for the Work Life Balance target within South Australia's Strategic Plan (SASP), which is comprised of 100 specific and measurable targets that enable the government to measure progress towards achieving the plan's visions and goals for the state.

SASP Target 13 "Work-life balance: Improve the quality of life of all South Australians through the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance", has as its primary goal "we spend quality time with our families".

Target 13 also underpins efforts to address workforce participation challenges such as:

  • the need to improve women's workforce participation rates
  • the predicted depletion of the workforce cause by 'baby boomer' generation retirement
  • growing labour and skills shortages.

The target supports the use of flexible work arrangements that encourage retention, improve productivity and attract more participants back into the labour market.

SafeWork SA has worked with key stakeholders and partners across public and private sectors to develop community awareness and support of this SASP target.

As part of this strategy, a range of resources and information is being developed to assist employers implement flexible work arrangements.


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Last Modified Date: 02/MAY/2013