Community awareness of work life balance is built on a range of partners working together. These include:



Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre

The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, known as
the Hawke Centre, is a community-focused centre
devoted to generating ideas and solutions to achieve
cohesive, sustainable societies. The Centre engages
with local and international communities through public
learning activities including lectures, seminars, alliances
and research projects.

The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre



Business SA

Business SA provides advice, support, training and
networking opportunities to South Australian businesses
to help identify workplace challenges and drive business

SafeWork SA partners with Business SA in areas
relating to employment and work health and safety.

Business SA



Centre for Work + Life

The Centre for Work + Life is a hub for innovative
thinking about work, life and improving the wellbeing
of Australians. The Centre focuses on generating
long-term change around how work in Australia
intersects with households, community and social life.

SafeWork SA is an industry partner in an Australian
Research Council (ARC) funded project with the
Centre for Work + Life to establish a measurement
tool for Work Life Balance - the national
Australian Work and Life Index (AWALI).

Centre for Work + Life



Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)

CEDA is a national, independent, not-for-profit,
member-based organisation providing thought
leadership, knowledge sharing and policy perspectives
on the economic and social issues affecting Australia for
businesses, government agencies and researchers.

This is achieved through a rigorous and evidence-based
research agenda, and forums and events that deliver
lively debate and critical perspectives.




Department for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST)

DFEEST is the key government agency driving
employment, skills development, research and
technology in South Australia.

It is the lead agency for South Australia's Strategic Plan
Target 48 "Ageing workforce participation: Increase the
proportion of older South Australians who are engaged
in the workforce by 10% by 2020".




Equal Opportunity Commission

SafeWork SA and the Equal Opportunity Commission
work together on activities that promote their common
goals relating to discrimination in the workplace
e.g. protecting pregnant workers, workers with
child care responsibilities, workers with family care
responsibilities (such as care of an elderly parent or
family member with a disability), age and cultural

Equal Opportunity Commission



Office for Women

The Office for Women works toward achieving gender
equity and positive change for women by collaborating
across government and the community. The Office
works closely with women's groups and organisations,
as well as the Premier's Council for Women (the
South Australian government's advisory group on
women's issues).

The SafeWork SA Age Matters Project and the
Office for Women collaborate on activities promoting
gender equity and positive change for women.

Office for Women



SA Unions

SA Unions advocates for work life balance. It believes
that valuing and supporting workers to engage in
community life and spend time with their families will
give an edge in a competitive labour market.

SA Unions




WorkCoverSA funds research into facilitators and
barriers to return to work following a work-related
injury, and other research findings relevant to workers



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Last Modified Date: 24/MAY/2013