Benefits for individuals

You need flexibility too!

Employers also have families and other obligations they need to balance with their work. If you are an employer, don't forget to think about your own needs. Taking up flexible workplace arrangements will enhance the time you spend with your family, help you manage stress and avoid burnout. It will allow you to be more productive and focused at work.

 Most importantly, when you adopt flexible work practices you set an example of behaviour for your staff. If they see you doing it, they will be more likely to follow.

Benefits of flexible arrangements for individuals

  • more time to provide necessary support to family or dependents
  • a more balanced and enjoyable work life
  • more time to participate in the community e.g. sports, hobbies and voluntary work
  • greater ability to manage your workload 
  • better personal health
  • avoid overwork which can lead to burnout.

What to look for in a potential workplace

  • benefits such as health programs, flexible work practices and information on family and work life balance
  • innovative, flexible and rewarding work environments that value a diversity of knowledge, experience and abilities in staff
  • encouragement to participate in family life, community, sport, study and hobbies
  • staff social programs.


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Last Modified Date: 03/AUG/2010