Grants and Awards


Have you considered applying for a grant to help introduce, promote or improve work life balance initiatives at your workplace?

Perhaps your business has already successfully implemented flexible work arrangements. If so, you may be eligible for a state or national award recognising your efforts and achievements.

Visit the links below to find out more about related grant and award programmes.

You can also learn from previous winners by reading about the flexible arrangements that they have introduced at their workplaces.


South Australia

SafeWork SA WHS Innovative Practice Grants
These grants can be used by any South Australian organisation with workplace safety responsibilities to assist innovative practice projects or to support small research projects.

Grants for seniors and positive ageing
The Seniors and Positive Ageing Development Grants provide assistance to community organisations for older citizens to continue to be involved and participate. Grants are for projects that support opportunities and choices for older people.

SA Carer Recognition Awards
The South Australian Carer Recognition Awards are presented annually during Carers Week in October each year.

The awards acknowledge businesses and organisations that provide outstanding responses to carers. A carer is a person who provides ongoing care and assistance to family or a friend who has disability, a chronic illness (including mental illness) or who is frail.


Australian Human Resources Institute Awards
The AHRI Awards include the Sir Ken Robinson Award for Flexibility, which recognises management strategies that allow diverse groups of workers to flourish through flexible work practices.

WGEA Employer of Choice for Women Citations
Since 2001, the EOWA/WGEA Employer of Choice for Women (EOCFW) citation has been a public acknowledgement awarded to those organisations demonstrating strong commitment to providing equal opportunities to women and recognising and advancing female workers.

International Work Life Balance Awards
The International Work Life Balance Award recognises organisations from around the world who offer the best work life balance policies for their workers, families and local community.

The Award in 2013 is the fifth International Work Life Balance Award. It is promoted by ALTIS Postgraduate School of Business and Society, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and the Lombardy Region of Italy.


Latest Award Winners

Some great South Australian companies and organisations have received national and state recognition for their commitment to equal opportunity and work life balance.

Employer of Choice for Women Citations for 2012

SA Carer Recognition Awards for 2012


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Last Modified Date: 01/MAY/2015