Who is involved in work life balance?

We all have a stake in work life balance. Managing the competing demands of work, family and social life is an issue that affects most South Australians.

Better arrangements for work life balance are important for:

  • employers seeking to recruit and manage their workforce effectively
  • workers and potential workers seeking to manage their careers as well as the demands of their personal lives
  • government seeking to address public policy challenges such as the ageing of Australia's workforce, with SafeWork SA acting as the lead agency for the South Australian Government.

A number of key partners in the business community, unions, government and academia are working together on South Australia's Strategic Plan (SASP) Target 13 "Improve the quality of life of all South Australians through the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance".

You might already be a work life balance partner, or perhaps could become one!

This website can help both employers and workers with information about how to:


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Last Modified Date: 02/MAY/2013