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If an HSR or deputy HSR has made a request, the PCBU must, within three months of the request, allow them to attend a training course in work health and safety up to the prescribed training allowance.

HSRs and deputy HSRs can attend an initial training for five days in their first year of office, three days in their second year and two days in their third year. If an HSR is re-elected for another three year term, the same training entitlements apply to each year. These entitlements in South Australia are greater than, and replace, the national model WHS provisions that entitle an HSR to only one day of training in the second or third and subsequent years.

The course of training must be approved by SafeWork SA and be chosen by the HSR in consultation with the PCBU. It is desirable for HSRs and the PCBU to agree on which course the HSR should attend.

Issues that may be considered include:

  • timing of attendance
  • costs of courses
  • costs of attendance including travel and accommodation expenses
  • the relevance of the any hazard-specific course to the work group
  • the total number of workers requiring training.

A PCBU must allow each HSR and deputy HSR paid time off to attend training with wages, equivalent to what they would otherwise be entitled to receive for working during that period. HSRs should not be disadvantaged in any way as a result of accessing the training that the WHS Act entitles them to. The PCBU must also pay the course fees and any other reasonable costs associated with the HSR attendance at the training.

HSR training is part of normal work-related activity. HSRs are entitled to receive their normal/expected earnings during course attendance. Normal/expected earnings include pay entitlements relating to shift work, regular overtime, higher duties, allowances or penalty rates that would have applied had the HSR been at work.


SafeWork SA has approved seven new courses for Health and Safety Representatives to choose from as part of their training entitlements during their second and subsequent terms of office.

  • WHS refresher
  • Consultation processes
  • Fatigue management
  • Contributing to workplace health and wellbeing
  • Policy and procedures
  • Inappropriate behaviours
  • Inspections and incident investigations

All courses have been developed as one-day course of seven hours duration excluding breaks.

Training Subsidies

If you work in a high risk industry or are from a small business with less than 100 workers your PBCU may be eligible for a subsidy. Subsidies are available to a maximum of $100 per day per HSR for attending approved HSR training.

Contact the Help Centre on 1300 365 255 for more information about the subsidies, or to find out if you are eligible.

SafeWork SA does not sponsor or endorse, nor can it recommend, any particular training provider, however training providers do need to be approved by the SafeWork SA.