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The following table summarises shop trading hours for non-exempt shops over the Easter period:

  CBD Metro Hardware etc.
(all Districts)
Proclaimed Districts
Easter Saturday until 5pm until 5pm until 5pm CLOSED #
Easter Sunday 11am to 5pm CLOSED 9am to 5pm CLOSED
Easter Monday 11am to 5pm CLOSED 9am to 5pm CLOSED

CBD = the Central Business District (CBD) Tourist Precinct

Metro = the Metropolitan Shopping District

Hardware etc. = shops selling hardware and building materials; furniture; floor coverings; or motor vehicle parts and accessories

Proclaimed Districts = some country areas and towns that are declared to be a Proclaimed Shopping District.

# Subject to an annual application to the Minister from the relevant council or local business association, some Proclaimed Districts are issued with an exemption allowing non-exempt shops to trade on Easter Saturday in support of tourist activity or special events over the Easter weekend.

Refer to Shop Trading Hours for more information about shopping districts.

Exempt shops

Exempt shops (which include any shop not within a shopping district) can trade any hours determined by the proprietor over the Easter long weekend.

Boat and motor vehicle dealers

CBD and Metro boat and motor vehicle dealerships have been provided with an exemption to trade on Easter Saturday in 2016. (see below)


Historic changes to shop trading hours pass State
News Release - 29 March 2012 (55 kb)

Boat and motor vehicle dealers

Temporary Exemption

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to Section 5 (9) (b) of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 ('the Act'), I, John Rau, Minister for Industrial Relations, do hereby declare that shops within the ambit of Sections 13 (5a) and 13 (5b), situated within the Greater Adelaide Shopping District, exempt from the provisions of the Act, subject to the following conditions:

  • exemption will apply on Saturday, 26 March 2016 until 5 p.m.;
  • normal trading hours prescribed by Section 13 of the Act shall apply at all other times;
  • all employees working during these extended hours will do so on a strictly voluntary basis;
  • any and all relevant industrial instruments are to be complied with; and
  • all work health and safety issues (in particular those relating to extended trading hours) must be appropriately addressed.

Dated 25 November 2015.
JOHN RAU, Deputy Premier, Minister for Industrial Relations

Page 5182 The South Australian Government Gazette
10 December 2015