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As of 1 January 2010, this information only applies to the state public sector (including most Government Business Enterprises) and local government entities. For further information please refer to Industrial Relations.

Employers are required to pay employees their correct employment entitlements, including rates of pay, leave and allowances. For various reasons, employees do not always receive their correct entitlements.

If an employee believes that they have not been paid correctly, or not received all of their employment entitlements, they can request that SafeWork SA investigate the matter. If you are unsure whether you are under a state award /agreement or state legislation, call us on 1300 365 255.

Claim forms

Fill out these forms if you are/were employed under a state award/agreement or state legislation.

If in doubt, ring the SafeWork SA Help Centre on 1300 365 255 for information or assistance.

When filling in the form, please ensure that you:

  • answer all of the questions
  • provide as much detail as possible including
    • start and finish dates of work
    • job title and duties performed
    • whether the work was full-time, part-time or casual
    • the number of hours employed each week
    • gross weekly rate of pay
  • provide as much evidence as possible to support the claim, such as copies of time and wage records, group certificates, pay slips, an employment declaration form and written contracts
  • sign and date the claim form before returning it to SafeWork SA.

Please note: During the course of SafeWork SA's investigation, circumstances may arise which require us to make a copy of this claim available to your employer. Accordingly, you are encouraged to ensure that all statements or allegations made are accurate and truthful.