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Shop Trading Hours Act and Regulations

Trading hours for retailers in South Australian shopping districts are regulated by the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 and Shop Trading Hours Regulations 2003.

In April 2012, the Statutes Amendment (Shop Trading and Holidays) Act 2012 amended the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 to:

  • recognise the unique tourism role of Adelaide's central business district by naming it the Central Business District (CBD) Tourist Precinct (previously 'the Central Shopping District')
  • allow non-exempt shops in the CBD Tourist Precinct to trade from 11am to 5pm on all
    full-day public holidays (except Good Friday, 25 December or before 12 noon on 25 April
  • streamline the application and assessment process for retailers seeking special trading exemptions on restricted trading days, based on recommendations by the Productivity Commission
  • allow trading hours exemptions to be issued for up to 30 days
  • permit the Minister for Industrial Relations to issue a blanket exemption for a geographic area.

The Holidays Act 1910 was also amended to create two new part-day public holidays in South Australia, from 7pm until 12 midnight on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Shopping districts

South Australia's shopping districts are:

Where a shop is located, its size and what it sells will determine whether it is:

This in turn determines trading days and hours, including for weekends and public holidays.