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Noise and vibration

Safe Work Australia has developed a series of guidance material on:

  • how to manage risks associated with vibrating plant in the workplace, and
  • the measurement and assessment of workplace vibration exposures from vibrating plant.

It also provides technical information on how exposures are to be measured and calculated.


Workplace vibration guidance material
Link to Safe Work Australia

Code of Practice

The Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work Code of Practice has been developed to provide practical guidance to persons conducting a business or undertaking on how noise affects hearing, how to identify and assess exposure to noise and how to control health and safety risks arising from hazardous noise.


SafeWork SA Catalogue

Further resources can be accessed from SafeWork SA's Library catalogue

Personal music players in the workplace

Personal music players, especially with headphones, may hide noises or auditory cues people need to hear when at work to remain safe. Personal music players may also lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

Our information sheet Personal music players in the workplace outlines the risk factors that need to be considered before allowing workers to put those headphones on.