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Plant design registration

South Australia now operates under the National Standard for Plant. Design registration is required for plant as listed in Schedule 5, Part 1 (see below) of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA).

Design registration for certain items of plant (those not required under the revoked regulations) is only required if the design is carried out after 1 July 1996.

Schedule 5, Part 1:

1.1  Pressure equipment, other than pressure piping, and categorised as hazard level A, B, C or D according to the criteria in Section 2.1 of AS 4343: 2005 (Pressure equipment-hazard levels)

1.2  Gas cylinders covered by Section 1.1 of AS 2030.1: 2009 (Gas cylinders-General Requirements).

1.3  Tower cranes including self-erecting tower cranes.

1.4  Lifts, including escalators and moving walkways.

1.5  Building maintenance units.

1.6  Hoists with a platform movement exceeding 2.4 metres, designed to lift people.

1.7  Work boxes designed to be suspended from cranes.

1.8  Amusement devices covered by Section 2.1 of AS 3533.1: 2009 (Amusement rides and devices-Design and construction), except devices specified in clause 2(2).

1.8A Passenger ropeways.

1.9  Concrete placing booms.

1.10 Prefabricated scaffolding.

1.11 Boom-type elevating work platforms.

1.12 Gantry cranes with a safe working load greater than 5 tonnes or bridge cranes with a safe working load of greater than 10 tonnes, and any gantry crane or bridge crane which is designed to handle molten metal or Schedule 10 hazardous chemicals.

1.13 Vehicle hoists.

1.14 Mast climbing work platforms.

1.15 Mobile cranes with a rated capacity of greater than 10 tonnes.

Fees: Refer Related Information for current fees.

Duration: Life of Design (unless altered)