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Special trading exemptions

Temporary exemptions from South Australia's legislated shop trading hours are authorised by the Minister for Industrial Relations and can be either:

  • a single general exemption for non-exempt shops in specified shopping districts - often used at times of the year when many applications would be made (e.g. Christmas)
  • an individual exemption outside a general exemption, by applying to the Minister.

Exemptions should not be so extensive as to undermine, to any significant degree, existing shop trading hours laws in South Australia.

Individual exemption requests are assessed considering:

  • extent and outcome of community consultation
  • special locations (e.g. exhibition, show, community or trade event)
  • tourist and visitor requirements
  • amount and extent of prior public notice.

Applicants may also be required to:

  • place public advertisements calling for comments about the proposed exemption
  • seek the views of workers or their representatives (unions)
  • notify the relevant local council(s) and the South Australia Police (SAPOL)
  • notify public transport operators, in some circumstances (e.g. large shopping centres).

To apply for an exemption, contact the SafeWork SA Customer Service Centre for initial advice, with adequate time for parties to be consulted and for your application to be assessed.