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Employment agents

Licence: Carry on the Business of an Employment Agent

Fees: Refer to Related Information for current Fees.

Duration: 2 years


The following legislation regulates licensing of employment agents in South Australia:

Employment Agents Registration Act 1993
Employment Agents Regulations 2010

If you carry on the business of an employment agent, or hold yourself out as an employment agent, you need to hold an Employment Agents Licence.

A person is required to be licensed as an employment agent if that person is, for monetary or other consideration:

  • carrying on the business of acquiring workers for persons who desire to employ or engage others in any kind of work; or
  • acquiring employment for persons who desire to be employed or engaged by others in any kind of work.

The following organisations are excluded from the definition of an employment agent and do not require to be licensed:

  • a charitable organisation carrying on its activity on a non-profit basis;
  • an organisation or association that administers a group training scheme jointly funded by the Commonwealth and State Governments for the purpose of obtaining apprentices or trainees for persons who desire to employ or engage such persons in any kind of work; or obtaining employment for apprentices or trainees.
  • an organisation that operates a labour hire business. A labour hire arrangement is one where a labour hire company or agency provides individual workers to a client or to a host, where the workers are under the host company's direction; however the labour hire company remains ultimately responsible for the worker's (their employee's) remuneration.


  • Application for a Licence to carry on the business of an Employment Agent
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Character Reference Form
  • Samples of lodgement by a Natural Person and a Company (Body Corporate)