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Cemeteries and crematoria

South Australia has approximately 700 recorded cemeteries. This includes Adelaide's major cemeteries and crematoria, and those owned and operated by local or district councils, private operators, churches and parishes.

Most cemeteries have varied work areas, each with individual work health and safety (WHS) hazards and risks that need to be managed, such as:

  • crematoria - plant, heat, hazardous manual tasks
  • cemeteries and memorial gardens - high risk plant, excavations, confined spaces, thermal discomfort, hazardous substances, snakes, ultraviolet radiation, psychological (grief/death)
  • workshops - electrical, plant, hazardous chemicals
  • function rooms - commercial kitchens, public safety
  • offices - ergonomics.

A Cemetery Safety Resource Kit has been developed by askOHS, with the support of a
SafeWork SA WHS Innovative Practice Grant, to address priority issues identified in consultation with industry representatives.

The kit offers practical, user-friendly tools, resources and information to help progress health and safety standards and reduce risks to workers in the cemetery and crematoria industry. It is available for free download via the SafeWork SA Library Catalogue (before printing, note that it is a 225 page document).