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Since 1 July 2016

businesses have
asked for help

Our customers have found the service very useful for their business. You will too!


Our advisor had knowledge on most questions that were asked, and what he didn't know there was no hesitation in finding out for us.

Jim was able to simplify WHS systems for me by providing high level support and advice.

Shane was exceptional in his presentation and his follow up with resources as promised in very quick time. Great service.

Fantastic service ... will highly recommend to all.

The service will be a valuable resource for me to ensure I implement and maintain procedures and policies that help my business to be a safe and compliant.

Informative and friendly - offering advice that we will be able to put in place quiet easily, rather than giving advise far beyond our means.

Loved the service and have a further three visits scheduled. Excellent service.

The presentation was a good reminder about bullying and harassment for all staff.

Thank you very much for the help provided, and will be calling again when in doubt in the future.

Jacqui had a lot of knowledge and insight to provide on items that needed addressing and their urgency.

This was a friendly, practical and informative service. Educative and supportive in a positive spirit of cooperation.

They are very informative and very helpful. We are grateful for this service.