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Event safety

If you are planning, setting up or conducting a public or community event, either as an event organiser or on-site operator, you have legal obligations to ensure the safety of anyone working there as well as everyone attending.

At an event workers could include employees, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, food vendors, amusement device operators and performers.

You have a duty of care to ensure you have assessed and managed any potential health and safety risk. When you know where those risks are, you must do whatever you can to eliminate or minimise them. This is called the risk management process.

Think about on-site activities such as catering, amusement devices, scaffolding, staging and rigging, and the use and/or operation of various types of plant and equipment (e.g. LPG, forklifts, dough mixers, electrical safety) which are particular focus areas. Potential risks are likely to be associated with:

  • access and egress
  • amenities and first aid
  • contractor management and inductions
  • emergency procedures
  • fire prevention
  • signage
  • traffic flow.

We can help you with this. Our work health and safety advisors can provide you with free information, advice and support tailored to your event. With no inspector powers, you can be comfortable asking us for help. Register or call 1300 365 255 to book a free advisor's visit at a time and place that suits you.

Our role at major public events

Many of SA's major public events are happening throughout February and March.

Our Inspectors are working closely with the event organisers as they undertake health and safety checks of venues, amusement rides, food stalls, electrical equipment and more.

Watch our video, which explains our role at major public events.

For community events (e.g. Adelaide 500, Royal Adelaide Show, WOMAD etc) they conduct pre-event audits and site inspections, and liaise with organisers/owners before and during the events, respond to any health and safety complaints or notifications, conduct proactive visits and inspections to determine any breaches of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and take appropriate enforcement action.

Inspectors will check for evidence of contractor and worker competencies and licences, amusement structure registrations, annual inspections conducted by competent persons, safe work method statements and public liability insurance.

So if you're organising or working at an event make sure you keep health and safety a priority.

Food catering sites

Food catering sites at community events are workplaces too. Good planning will make sure you, your workers and the public have a safe and successful events.

Our fact sheet (PDF 156kb) provides some safety tips to help you manage the most common risks.

Inflatable amusement devices

Bouncy castles and inflatable slides can be a lot of fun, however injuries or even fatalities can happen if they are incorrectly set up, anchored, operated or supervised.

Our fact sheet (PDF 202kb) provides some safety tips to help you manage the most common risks.