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Quad bikes are the leading cause of fatalities on Australian farming properties. There are 15 to 20 fatalities every year and a further 1,400 serious injuries. In South Australia, there have been more than 100 workers' compensation claims for injuries sustained on quad bikes in the past 10 years.

The majority of injuries occur when quad bikes roll over, trapping or crushing the rider underneath. An adult sized quad bike can weigh up to 400 kilograms. Although quad bikes appear to be sturdy and have often been marketed as 'all terrain vehicles', they cannot be used safely on all types of terrain and are inherently susceptible to roll over.

There are more than 300,000 quad bikes in use around Australia and they remain an important and popular piece of farm equipment. Owners and operators must be aware that quad bikes are high risk vehicles and safety must always come first.

Further information

Quad Bike Performance Project

SafeWork NSW funded a research and testing project by the University of New South Wales to understand the causes of incidents and find ways to improve the design of quad bikes. The 18-month project involved comprehensive research, evaluation of past incidents, and more than 1,000 tests on 16 production vehicles. The project reports were released in 2015 and are available for download.

Coronial inquest findings

Coronial inquests were held in 2015 in New South Wales and Queensland to examine a number of fatal incidents involving quad bikes.

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