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Electrical practices

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for Managing electrical risks in the workplace has been developed and approved to provide practical guidance for persons conducting a business or undertaking on managing electrical risks in the workplace. It applies to all workplaces where a person conducting a business or undertaking:

  • has management or control of electrical equipment, including electrical installations, or
  • carries out electrical work on or near energised electrical equipment, including electrical installations.

Industry Guideline

The Industry Guideline for Safe Electrical Practices on Construction and Demolition Sites (PDF 1195kb) is designed to:

  • appropriately reflect the contents of AS/NZS 3012: Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites in a user-friendly manner
  • provide businesses, employer and employee associations and their members with an industry specific guideline
  • contribute to the development of consistent high standard electrical practices in the construction industry that are conducive to electrical safety best practice at the workplace
  • reflect the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy in reducing workplace injuries, particularly in regard to those resulting from electrical incidents.