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Lift emergency phone issues

As emergency phone services in lifts are transitioned from copper wiring to NBN, it has come to light that there may be a period of time when neither are available. This can result in lift companies not being able to issue Safe to Operate certificates (required for each lift's registration) despite all other aspects being ready for use.

To overcome this, an interim solution of using mobile technology (3G and 4G systems) is being used. To prevent a safety risk to lift users in times of need, it is important that any interim use of mobile technology is as reliable as possible. For this reason, SafeWork SA has determined the interim use of 3G and 4G mobile technology as acceptable subject to:

  • a hazard identification and risk assessment on the use of the interim /system
  • geographic location and signal strength of the mobile technology offered
  • use of an external antenna where buildings do not have good signal strength within the lift shaft
  • the system must be UPS protected in the event of an electrical outage
  • reliability of the interim solution hardware/software
  • the operational effectiveness and reliability of the interim system is reviewed after three months
  • implementation of a management plan for the duration of the interim system, including regular monitoring and testing
  • removal of the lift from service should the interim system fail with notification to SafeWork SA
  • the interim system does not introduce any additional hazard.