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With our veggie growers feeding the state, ensuring long term improved work health and safety in South Australia's horticultural sector, is in everyone's interest.

SafeWork SA, together with South Australian vegetable growers, is working to reduce the incidence of work-related injury. Much of the work in this sector involves manual tasks like harvesting and packaging, spraying chemicals, lifting, snipping and weeding.

From June 2012 to January 2015, people working in South Australia's horticulture sector sustained more than 400 injuries; half were muscular stress injuries from handling, lifting, carrying and putting objects down with back, shoulder, knee, forearm and wrist the body part most often impacted.

Hazardous manual tasks can represent a risk to the health and safety of workers, with more than 45% of serious injuries in the horticulture sector arising from muscular stress.

SafeWork SA is supporting the state's vegetable growers with information addressing common hazards and incidents to help the horticulture industry best meet work health safety requirements and support sustainable improvement.

By working together, the horticultural sector and SafeWork SA will develop easy-to-use work health and safety tools to support onsite self-assessment and management of hazards as well as encourage participation and contribution at industry workshops.

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