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SafeWork SA has built on our strong relationship with Grain Producers SA and its members to ensure farmers meet work health safety requirements, as well as support them with implementation.

In the grain growing sector, we aim to achieve a targeted reduction in work injuries in collaboration with the grain industry.

SafeWork SA will action this by providing the grain industry specific education and guidance that addresses the common hazards and issues which challenge the farming sector.

This collaboration will also lead to the development of easy-to-use work health and safety tools to support the farmers with onsite self-assessment and management of hazards.

Whilst the number of workplace injuries and fatalities in this sector are on the decrease after a peak in 2012, many that do occur are preventable.

Taking the time to ensure that work is carried out safely can be the difference between life and death, or a life-changing injury.

Key hazards and prevention during harvest include:

  • plant and machinery; plant operators must be competent, licensed where required, ensure that appropriate guarding is in place and ensure the plant is maintained in accordance with manufacturers' specifications
  • fatigue; ensure that workers have adequate rest breaks and have access to cool drinking water and amenities, especially if workers are required to perform physically demanding tasks for extended periods or in extreme weather conditions
  • falls; ensure that elevated work areas have guard railings or other forms of fall prevention, as falls are a common injury.


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