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Supporting laws

The Government of South Australia has recognised the importance of work life balance by including it within South Australia's Strategic Plan (SASP), as Target 13: Improve the quality of life of all South Australians through the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance.

A range of state and federal legislation provides the foundation for work life balance by regulating key conditions of employment. Links to relevant state and federal information are listed below.

National laws set minimum standards for private sector workers in areas such as hours of work and leave. Awards supplement minimum standards by providing further entitlements. Businesses can build on minimum standards and award conditions by providing additional flexibilities that suit their workers and their business. The standards include a right to request flexible work arrangements (PDF 458 kb) by certain categories of workers.

If you are planning flexible work arrangements for your business, make sure you are providing the minimum standards or better by checking with the relevant legislation.

In a general sense, the Code of Practice for How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks has been developed and approved to provide practical guidance for persons who have a duty of care for the health and safety of their workers under South Australia's work health and safety laws.

National fatigue guides also provide information about workplace fatigue: why it's a problem, the signs of fatigue and how businesses can mitigate the risks. They also explain workers' responsibilities in managing fatigue.

The South Australian Long Service Leave Act 1987 (SA), Holidays Act 1910 (SA) and the Equal Opportunity Act 1994 define entitlements for long service leave, public holidays and anti-discrimination protection for persons with carer duties.

Entitlement Relevant Legislation
Ten minimum standards that apply to the employment of all workers National Employment Standards (NES), Section 61
Fact Sheet
Right to request flexible working arrangements Fair Work Act 2009, Section 65
Fact Sheet
Parental leave and related entitlements Fair Work Act 2009, Section 70
Annual leave Fair Work Act 2009, Section 87
Long service leave Long Service Leave Act 1987
Fact Sheet
Personal/carers' leave and compassionate leave Fair Work Act 2009, Section 96
Compassionate leave Fair Work Act 2009, Section 104
Community service leave Fair Work Act 2009, Section 108
Public holidays

Fair Work Act 2009, Section 114

Holidays Act 1910
Notice of termination Fair Work Act 2009, Section 117
Fact Sheet
Redundancy pay Fair Work Act 2009, Section 119
Fact Sheet
Fair Work Information Statement for all workers that makes clear their rights and entitlements Fair Work Act 2009, Section 124
Protection for carers

Equal Opportunity Act 1984
Carers Recognition Act 2005
Fact Sheet

Further information

For further information on awards, agreements or the National Employment Standards, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website or contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.


National Employment Standards
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Commonwealth Legislation
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SA Current Legislation
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SA Industrial Awards
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