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We report on work health and safety matters including:

  • notifiable workplace fatalities where the death of a worker is confirmed as work related
  • the number of Improvement Notices and Prohibition Notices issued by our Inspectors to enforce work health and safety compliance
  • audits of major public events
  • finalised work health and safety investigations which includes all completed investigations further to a notifiable serious injury or dangerous incident or complaint
  • how many workplaces we visit and audit - we call these workplace interventions.

Workplace fatality statistics are preliminary, based on initial reports, until confirmation of work-related status is established following investigation. All confirmed workplace deaths are reported nationally to Safe Work Australia - Notifiable fatalities monthly report and Worker fatalities.

Key Statistics
Activity 2015-20162016-2017
(as at end Jun)
Reactive compliance and enforcement 10357 12525
Complaints, notifications, education, engagement and support visits 401524338
Proactive compliance and enforcement 51578815
Improvement Notices Issued 1575 2342
Prohibition Notices Issued 688650
Expiation Notices Issued 0 1
Notifiable Fatalities under WHS legislation 19 Current

Key Statistics
Activity 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
Workplace Interventions 27942 29693 21077
WHS Investigations finalised 4067 3536 3280
Prevention Initiatives 442 319 2287
Improvement Notices Issued 1950 1347 1728
Prohibition Notices Issued 832 629 832
Notifiable Fatalities under WHS legislation 19 14 15

*Since 1 January 2012 road traffic incidents resulting in the death of a worker are included as notifiable.