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Making a complaint

SafeWork SA is committed to ensuring that the essentials of its services are right every day. At SafeWork SA, we recognise that things can sometimes go wrong even in the best organisations. If that has been your experience with us then we would like to hear about it - so our level of service to you and others improve.

What you can complain about

A complaint can be about the service provided by us and may include our conduct or interaction with you. For example:

  • unprofessional conduct such as inappropriate language, rudeness or intimidation
  • inappropriate disclosure of information or breach of confidentiality
  • acting in a biased manner
  • discrimination or harassment.

The SafeWork SA complaints process is not able to resolve complaints that require another avenue. For example:

  • a decision made by an inspector in the course of their duties
  • action undertaken in accordance with the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993
  • alleged theft, bribery, corruption or other criminal conduct.

Can you make an anonymous complaint?

Generally, we will not assess an anonymous complaint unless it raises a serious matter. SafeWork SA will need adequate information to consider the issues brought to our attention. If you remain anonymous, we will not be able to respond to you to let you know what happens.

How you can make a complaint

When something goes wrong, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us and let us know so we can continue to improve our services.

Any member of the public such as a person, group of people, body or organisation can make a complaint.

Complaints can be received in many ways. To begin with, we recommend that you try to discuss the problem with the person you are dealing with as soon as it occurs.

Often, a simple explanation or apology can be the most effective way to resolve an immediate misunderstanding. In some cases, our people may refer your complaint to a manager as the best customer focused option.

What you need to do

Step 1

Recall as much information possible about your prior experience with SafeWork SA.

Keep it simple, specific and factual. We will need you to provide enough information so we can understand the circumstances around your problem and how to respond to it.

Think about the issue, day and time, what your experience was about, including what happened, the names and contact details of witnesses, any previous action taken to fix it, and a realistic outcome of what you would like to see happen once you've brought it to our attention.

Where relevant, recall who was involved and refer to any supporting documentation such as letters, phone calls or discussions. Think about further questions you may want to ask us.

Step 2

Often, the quickest and easiest way to fix a problem is to speak to us as soon as possible. We may be able to resolve it immediately.

Step 3

If we cannot fix the problem immediately, you are welcome to escalate it as a complaint.

You can write, call or visit us by:

  • completing our Your Say ... Complaint form; or
  • telephoning 1300 365 255 during business hours Monday to Friday; or
  • visiting SafeWork SA Head Office or a Regional Office and complete our Your Say ... Complaint form

Step 4

We will collect the information you provide, acknowledge receipt of your complaint and keep you informed on its progress.

Step 5

How we progress your complaint will depend on what it's about and who else it involves. All complaints will be carefully considered and we will respond as soon as possible to let you know if we can resolve it quickly, or whether we need more time to assess it.

We will use procedures that are without prejudice and are fair to all concerned. Once complete, we will inform you of the outcome, reasons for the decision and the action taken.

You can contact us at any time during this process. There will be no adverse repercussions for lodging a complaint and we will ensure confidentiality through our complaint process.

Step 6

We value getting our services right including our complaint process. We take all matters seriously and in this way require the provision of clear evidence to support allegations. In the event that false or misleading information is provided, SafeWork SA may refer the matter for external investigation. We also appreciate that from time to time, the outcome you were hoping for may not be achieved. This does not necessarily mean that we have failed or neglected to appropriately address your complaint.

If unsatisfied with the reasons for the decision or action taken, you may wish to raise your concerns by post with an external body such as:

Ombudsman SA
Level 9, 55 Currie Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: (08) 8226 8699

To make a complaint, complete our Your say ... Complaint form.