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Providing a compliment

SafeWork SA is committed to ensuring that the essentials of its services are right every day. Your compliment about the service you received is important to us. If you have been pleased about your experience with SafeWork SA - let us know so we can continue to support and maintain our valued services for you and others.

What can you provide a compliment about?

You can provide a compliment about:

  • our information or services
  • the way you have been treated by us or our interaction with you
  • the quality of our resources, publications, website, news or information
  • any other matter unrelated to a decision made by an inspector in the course of their duties

What you need to do

Step 1

Recall as much information as possible about your experience with SafeWork SA.

Think about the day, time, what your experience was about, what happened, and where relevant, the name(s) of our people you wish to compliment.

Step 2

You can write, call or visit us by: 

  • completing our Your Say ... Compliment form; or
  • telephoning 1300 365 255 during business hours Monday to Friday; or
  • visiting SafeWork SA Head Office or a Regional Office and complete our Your Say ... Compliment form

Step 3

Your compliment is valued. We will thank you for your compliment in person when you call or visit us. All online compliments will generate an automated thank you response.

Complete our Your Say ... Compliment form.