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Your Say ... Complaint form

Before lodging a complaint, please contact the business area involved. Where possible, we will take steps to resolve it directly with you.

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint, you can contact us by telephone, visit us or use this online form. Please refer to Feedback web page - to Make a Complaint.

If you wish to lodge an online complaint, please proceed through the following steps to register it online.

Our commitment to you:

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and refer it to our complaints process.
  • Your complaint will be given careful consideration and we will contact you with an outcome.

Fields marked with an * are required before submitting this form.

Your details

Your feedback

* Your complaintPlease tell us what services, business unit or person you wish to complain about.

* Complaint summaryPlease outline what and where it happened, and who was involved. If the complaint is about our conduct, please describe the alleged behaviour.

* When did it happen?Include date and time.

* Were there any witnesses?Please name them and provide their contact details.

Supporting documentationPlease refer to any letters, phone calls or discussion relevant to your complaint.

* What action or outcome would you like to see as a result of your complaint?


* Acknowledgement and consent to contact third party

The handling of a complaint will depend on what the complaint is about and who else it involves. To fully and fairly assess your complaint, in some circumstances we may need to disclose the information you provide to relevant others including the person you may have made the complaint about. SafeWork SA will ensure your personal information is protected.

I acknowledge the information provided above is true and correct, and SafeWork SA may disclose relevant information to other parties for the purposes of assessing my complaint.