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Getting a new licence or adding a class

High Risk Work

To obtain a Licence to Perform High Risk Work or add a new class to your existing Licence, you must undertake the appropriate training.

To find a Registered Training Organisation, search

Once you have completed your training, you will be assessed by an Assessor who is accredited with SafeWork SA. Accredited Assessors must be affiliated with RTOs, so your assessment may be arranged for you. To select an Accredited Assessor, please refer to the list of Accredited Assessors (PDF 199kb) by category of High Risk Work.

The Assessor will ask you to sign a declaration that you are over 18 years of age and have not previously been issued with a Licence for this class of work.

During your assessment, you will be required to undertake a theory (written) exam and a practical test. Upon completion, your Assessor will provide you with written feedback about your results - this is your Assessment Summary.

If you have a successful assessment, your Accredited Assessor will provide you with a 'Notice of Satisfactory Assessment' (NSA) and a Tax Invoice. Your NSA and Tax Invoice are only valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

However, if you already hold a Licence to Perform High Risk Work and are adding a new class, the Accredited Assessor will issue you with an invoice for $42 for the new class. You will need to pay the invoice at a Service SA Customer Service Centre or an Australia Post Photopoint outlet.

The addition of new qualifications does not alter your original Licence 'start' date. It will still expire (become due for renewal) five years after the original issue date.

Please ensure that all of your details are correct on the Tax Invoice prior to paying.

Simply take your Tax Invoice to a Service SA Customer Service Centre or an Australia Post Photopoint outlet in South Australia within 60 days of the date of issue. You will need to show 100 points of identification, provide your Tax Invoice, pay $78 if obtaining a new Licence (or $42 if you are adding a class) provide a sample signature and have your photograph taken. Your application will be processed and your new Licence to Perform High Risk Work card will then be produced and mailed to you.

Please ensure that you keep your receipt as evidence of payment until you receive your Licence.

Please note: A South Australian issued Tax Invoice for a High Risk Work Licence can only be paid at either a Service SA Customer Service Centre or an Australia Post Photopoint outlet within South Australia.

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